Because the kitchen is considered to be the prime location in the home, it's important to apply good feng shui principles to create a harmonious environment. Food preparation should always be carried out in a harmonious manner with a good and balanced flow of energy. The kitchen can be considered to be one of the most important rooms within the home, and is also known as a symbol of wealth, so good feng shui is very important.

The Prime Location for the Kitchen

Because doors are considered to be a place that energy can escape, feng shui principles generally dictate that a kitchen should not be located in close proximity to a door. However, in many homes the kitchen does have a door leading to the outside. If this is the case in your home, create a good flow of space into the kitchen from the door; eliminate clutter or obstructions near the door to encourage positive energy to enter and not exit through the door.

Keep the Kitchen Bright and Airy

Lighting in the kitchen is very important for good feng shui. Ideally, the windows should be opened as much as possible whenever the weather permits. If your kitchen gets good light, accentuate this by keeping window treatments simple and understated. Provide good overhead lighting so that the kitchen is bright and cheerful even on cloudy days or after dark. Light colors are best when painting the kitchen so that the overall look is inviting and cheerful. A light yellow or cream color is often desirable for the kitchen walls. However, if you desire brighter colors, cheerful shades such as bright yellow or apricot shades can also work well for the kitchen.

Control Clutter for Good Kitchen Feng Shui

Clutter is the enemy of good feng shui energy in the home, and this is especially important to remember in the kitchen. Reduce the number of items you keep in your kitchen to just the items you normally need to use. If you have kitchen gadgets or appliances that you use on an infrequent basis, find a place to store them outside of the kitchen. This is also true with any kitchen utensils or pans that you only use on a seasonal basis. Remember that in feng shui hidden clutter is considered to be just as detrimental as clutter that is visible, so resist the urge to stuff drawers and cabinets with too many items. Open shelves and cabinets can be a great way to keep the kitchen efficient while encouraging a good flow of energy. Simple storage techniques in the kitchen are preferred over complicated methods.

Bring Life into the Kitchen

Bring nature into the kitchen as much as possible. For example, a fresh bouquet of flowers on the kitchen counter can add a nice touch. Never allow dead blooms to remain in a flower arrangement, and add new fresh flowers on a daily basis. A bowl of fresh fruits or a basket of vegetables can also be used to add a touch of life energy to the kitchen, as can a collection of herbs or plants.

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