Are there proper places to have a water feature at home?
Yes there are. This is in accordance to Feng Shui, the Art of Placement. And you can apply some Feng Shui techniques for want of better luck too.

The trick is to identify the spot where water can help to activate the wealth star of a house. Based on Feng Shui Flying Star system, a house has a natal chart that is divided into nine sectors i.e. north, south, east, west, northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest and centre. The flying stars are distributed within these sectors in a pattern that conforms to a formula. The flying stars are bodies of energy or qi that wax and wane according to time cycles. There are altogether nine flying stars represented by the number 1 – 9. The current wealth star is no. 8. This star governs wealth and career aspects of the occupants. If you want financial and career success, you should have a water feature such as an aquarium in the sector that has this star. For example, if the star 8 is located in the north sector of your house, you can put the aquarium there. The water can activate the star for wealth and career luck.

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However, there are also unsuitable places for water based on Feng Shui principles. To put a water feature in a sector that has an inauspicious star can invite trouble for the occupant of the house. For example, the current unlucky star is no. 5. This star is a harbinger of calamity, accidents and misfortune. By having a water feature such as an aquarium in the sector with this star will activate its negative effects and bring bad luck to the occupants.

You should not have a pool (and pond) that cuts into the interior of your house. In other words, the pool should not straddle between the indoor and outdoor of your house. It is considered inauspicious and will bring financial instability to the occupants depending on the sector it is in.
Also avoid building a pond or pool above the car porch or underneath the staircase, especially if the staircase is close to the centre of the property.

A pool or toilet bowl (water closet) or bathtub above the Main Door is also to be avoided as it can cause significant loss of wealth. Likewise, such water feature above the kitchen stove or bed is inauspicious as it can cause health issue. If you come across such a scenario, you should relocate the offending feature or move your door inward or outward.

Never have a body of water in the centre of a house. According to Feng Shui, the centre represents the heart of the house and it is Yin which should be passive and stable. Any water located there will cause the occupants to suffer health problem.

A man-made waterfall is not a positive feature to have inside or outside the house especially if the water is rushing downwards in a straight line and making sharp piecing sound. A water fall that has a gentle and meandering flow should be fine.

Water substantially affects the flow of energy in a property and when done right, water will encourage positive energy flow and should be given serious consideration in the art of placement.

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