Feng Shui can be applied to both landed property and high rise buildings such as office towers and condominiums. Feng Shui is about availability of space and flexibility for renovation. With a landed property, you have more leeway to undertake major renovation based on Feng Shui recommendations because there is abundance of space or land area. However, with apartments or condominiums, you have to make do with limited space if you need to renovate your unit. This article deals with the Feng Shui of high rise units.

Your decision to purchase a unit for own occupation or investment should be based on practical reasons. However, some knowledge of Feng Shui can help you make the right decision. A unit with good Feng Shui can make a home comfortable to live and bring prosperity to the occupants. If you choose to rent it out, you can also get higher returns on investment.

When it comes to choosing an apartment unit in a high rise building, you need to determine which direction the unit faces using a reliable compass. In Feng Shui, the "facing direction" of a building is generally taken to be the direction that the façade is facing. However, it is often easier said than done because it can be quite difficult to ascertain the façade of a building when its shape is not uniform.

If this is the case, you need to look at the surrounding landforms or man-made structures that point to the most likely "facing direction".

The following is a guide to help you find the "facing direction" of a high rise building:-

• The side that faces a wide scenery (the architect may have designed it to face a beautiful scenery)
• The side that faces the buildings' street address such as the main road
• The side that has the most human traffic and huge lobby entrances

Once you have determined the "facing direction" of the building, you can then map out the energy pattern (or chart) of your unit based on the Feng Shui systems that you subscribed to. Some popular systems of Feng Shui are Eight Houses (some called Eight Mansion) and Flying Stars.
Please note that not all units in a high rise building share the same energy pattern even though they follow the same "facing direction" of the building. It depends on the location of the units based on the floor plan of the building. By using Feng Shui's Flying Star formula, the actual location of the unit can be mapped out.

Once the Flying Stars or Eight House chart of the building is ascertained, you need to superimpose the chart over a copy of your unit's floor plan. You can locate your unit's Main Door, Bedrooms and Kitchen based on the Flying Star chart of your unit and find out the stars' combination in the aforesaid sectors.

Any auspicious or inauspicious combination of stars in these sectors will have an effect on the occupants from the aspects of health, wealth, career and relationships. For example, a main door with auspicious facing star or combinations of star will bring wealth luck to all the occupants of the unit.

The energy pattern or chart of your unit only shows the internal energy or qi distribution within. You should also look at the external qi distribution for more effective Feng Shui application. The landforms around the building and units has an effect on the Feng Shui of the property especially water and mountain formations.

From the building's main entrance, you can check for such external landforms. The same with the unit's balcony which can give you a bird's eye view of the surrounding such as swimming pool. The latter is also considered a water feature in Fengt Shui. The locations of such landforms or man-made structure will affect the units differently.

Lastly, your unit should be located on a floor where the passage ways are spacious and wide. This provides smooth flow of "qi". The same applies to your unit's door way. You need to make sure it is not cluttered. Both the lift to your floor and your unit's main door are considered "qi" mouths and should not be obstructed either.

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