When selecting a property or a land for investments or simply to build a home, it would be to your advantage to know some ground rules. In this respect, you should learn the Chinese art of geomancy or Feng Shui which is considered part of the field of physiognomy or the study of land through observation. In short, Feng Shui is a study of energy or qi in the environment.

The basic rules involve identifying the quality and nature of the area you are considering. If you observed that the location is very windy, it denotes that qi is easily dispersed by the strong wind. When qi cannot be contained by natural landform such as mountain or hills, the location cannot benefit from the vitality of its energy. If you find that the land is particularly rocky, it can mean that the area is governed by poor quality and unstable qi. Another negative feature to look out for is land that has muddy and waterlogged soil which indicates that qi is trapped.

In Feng Shui, there is a saying – Mountain govern Man, Water govern Wealth.

The next step to follow in the evaluation of a property or land is to observe the natural formation of mountain and water in the location. Feng Shui equates mountain to people luck and water to wealth. People luck by extension refers to health, relationship, character and wisdom.

Mountain is the source of qi and water is just a medium to help collect and distribute qi. To get the best out of a location in Feng Shui, both mountain and water should be present. A person who is well verse in this art should be able to identify good mountain and water in the location. It is Yin and Yang in harmony. If you find the area that you are considering has neither mountains nor water, you should look elsewhere. However, there are locations where the land may appear to be flat but you need a person who is an expert in Feng Shui to be able to identify the mountains and water in the vicinity. Otherwise, you should just look at other locations.

In general, a mountain can belong to any one of the five elemental types i.e. Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each elemental type exerts different influences. For example, Earth Mountain aids wealth, stability and fertility. Wood Mountain aids fame, reputation and academic success. A mountain should generally be lush and green. It is a sign of vital qi. A rocky or barren mountain is also known as an aggressive or sick Dragon that emits unhealthy qi.

It is also important to observe which direction the Dragon Veins (or in layman's terms, mountain ranges) is coming from based on Feng Shui time cycle. This is because qi is dynamic. It changes and shifts over time. For the current time cycle from 2004 – 2023, the Dragon Veins should ideally be incoming from the Northeast, West, Northwest or South. The mountain should also be located in the correct sector as measured from the property.

As for water formation such as junctions of rivers, streams and their convergences, it should ideally be located in the Southwest, East, Southeast and North according to Feng Shui time cycle.

Lastly, you should ensure that the built structure of your property is designed preferably in accordance to Feng Shui principles to be able to receive and collect qi from the chosen location.

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