We banter the word feelings around blithely. Have you ever sat down and looked more deeply into just what feelings means? We have learned as children to answer “How are you feeling today?” We use the word in our workaday life: “I’m feeling overwhelmed with all this work.” We use it around our home “I don’t feel like cooking dinner tonight, honey. Let’s go out to eat?” That word is commonly used, and yet, it bears a closer look so that we can Be the Change we want in our lives.

Here is an exposé of your mentality – your mind – and how it works. Feelings are just one third of the whole process. Try to think of feeling as the small period at the end of the sentence. Feelings come at the very end of your 3-part process.

FIRST. You can think. This means you are a mental being – Mind Itself –it’s only mind that can think. Imagine that! All these years of thinking and not realizing that thinking makes you a mental being. This is a critical piece of information. If you are Mind because you can think, then what is the extension of this kind of thought?

It’s a very exciting extension. If you are mind because you can think, then the very next thing to look at is what your thinking causes. Did you know that your thinking causes things? Here are a few examples:

• Thinking sadness produces tears
• Thinking happy makes you shout, jump and fling your arms out
• Thinking sick thoughts makes your stomach ache, as just one example.

When your mind is thinking, and this thinking causes something as it’s end product, this would make your Mind Cause Itself. I put those in full capitals because Mind as Cause Itself is crucial. You now have one of the two pieces of data that precedes understanding feeling. You now know that your Mind is Cause and it causes what you think.

When the process of thinking begins, your mind wants something. It could be that sexy pair of new red shoes you saw in the store. It could be some hot new car. Your mind always wants something. It’s intrinsic nature is to desire. That is precisely what it does: it desires something.

SECOND. The very next thing your wonderful, causative mind does is to think about what it desires. If it’s those shoes, you begin to think about which outfits they’d look great with; whether you have the right stockings to wear with them; if your legs will get tired because the heels are so high. And if it’s that hot car, you begin to picture the trips you’ll take in it; you can see your friends driving with you; you picture yourself waxing it on the weekends.

The second thing your mind does is begin to think about what it desires. Thinking is also called reasoning. You provide reasons why you can or should have what you desire. If you have a negative tendency, you might provide reasons why you should not have what you desire. You might be thinking “My husband will be furious with me if I by those shoes. I better not stir him up.” Or you car buffs might negatively think “I’ll be so strapped trying to pay for that sweet car. Better not.”

THIRD. Picture the thinking/reasoning process like a tree. You start out with your head (like the branches) up in the clouds. You see all the possibilities. They look good from up here. As you continue in the thinking process, you move down the length of the tree providing all the good (or bad) reasons why you can (or cannot) have your desire. Down at the bottom of the thinking process is an event that plops you right into the third step of the process. Near the roots of that thought process tree, you make a decision. You decide “Yes, I can” or “No, I can’t” have what I desired.

We have arrived at ‘feelings.’ That conscious decision you made at the roots of your thought-process tree is actually a feeling of conviction. You are absolutely convinced, due to the thought process you indulged, that you could or could not have your own desire. Your feeling of conviction is the period at the end of the sentence I mentioned before. You might feel joy-filled; exhilarated, or you might feel sick, or disappointed.

More importantly than how you feel is the fact that you are the one who created the process (One) and filled in the blanks (Two) and arrived at that conclusive feeling (Three)! If you don’t like what you concluded, you can go back and re-think it until you get a feeling of conviction that you do like! Then something wonderful happens. Somehow, someway the thing you desired will appear in your life experience. When you begin to observe this process, the appearance looks like a mere coincidence. Eventually, you come to trust that it is you creating your own desires. Your mind is a Cause Machine.

These words are Truth. They are the Truth that sets you free. Let me summarize the above so that you might see this succinctly and find it more useful for your to create whatever you want in your life.

FIRST A desire comes up from inside yourself

SECOND You begin to think about the desire and eventually reach a conclusion about whether you can have it or not in your life experience

THIRD A feeling or absolute conviction will actually manifest the desire “physically in your life.

So what is a feeling? It’s the period at the end of the sentence. It’s the result of what you thought to a conclusive state, and it is the only way things can manifest in your life.

Here’s a secret. You control the feelings you experience by controlling what happens in the second position of your mental processing. If you won’t address your mind to thinking about all the necessary details, you cannot come to a conclusion about what you desire. This is why meditation is so highly praised. It’s during the quiet, reflective moments of meditation that an individual can do the thinking necessary to manifest a feeling of conclusion, and thus, his heart’s desire.

The Truth in this article can make you wealthy, healthy and successful. These are the basic tools you need in order to Be The Change in your own life. All that is left now is for you to bring up the desires you want, think them through in great detail, come to an absolute, unshakable conviction that they are right and good for you, and then expect them to appear. You are a Cause Machine.

I think you might have wanted me to talk in this article about the various feelings we’ve all experienced. I believe I’ve given you something much more valuable. If you feel a victim of negative feelings, look in your mind at what you are thinking in your own second position. When you change your thinking, the feelings will automatically change at the end of your thinking. You now have the tools. Sit down and plan what you will think about to the point of conviction and enjoy the results.

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