This month the energies are positive for uniting, rather than dividing people. We’ll take a look at which qualities within each sign cause divisive problems and which qualities are available for bringing about solutions. As an Aquarian, I’d like to offer a very happy birthday to my fellow water bearers.

ARIES: This is an interesting similarity in your personality. Both sides of the same coin have selfish & self-serving as the problem AND the solution. When you ignore the needs of others, you cause people to work against you. When you ask, “What do YOU need?” you bring about cohesion. You are the leading example of how we can get our needs met at the same time we meet the needs of others. Winning at another’s expense is no win at all. Lucky Numbers 4, 41, 60, 31, 22, 8

TAURUS: Stubbornness and slowness have caused you to miss many golden opportunities. When you allow others to make your decisions for you because of your passive aggressive lack of action, then you have no one else to blame but yourself. The best question to ask yourself when making a decision is, “Will this match my values?” If yes, go for it. If no, walk the other way and look for a new solution. By living your life through your values, you always succeed. Lucky Numbers 5, 7, 31, 32, 40, 18

GEMINI: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Gossip is one of your most divisive character defects and it always boomerangs back to cause you problems. Who would trust a gossip? Instead, use your brilliant communication skills to build someone else up. And if the group starts gossiping, insert a comment that you will not be a part of character assassination and walk away. Lucky Numbers 13, 12, 29, 27, 4, 8

CANCER: Emotionalism is the kick-off that leads to discouragement. While it’s a wonderful quality to have empathy and understanding for another’s problems, it does no good to jump in and stay mired in the problem & commiseration. Instead, use your talents of sympathy to show understanding, pour a couple of cups of coffee and sit down together and find a solution. Lucky Numbers 4, 18, 19, 23, 24, 26

LEO: The reason pride goeth before the fall is that when you think it is all your doing and your success, those who helped you will resent you for not giving them credit. This divisiveness will influence future successes. Remember, whether it’s with your family or co-workers, everyone knows you didn’t do it alone, so give the rest of us peons credit for our contributions in making you look so good. Lucky Numbers 45, 54, 51, 5, 3, 9

VIRGO: Fault finding is the arch enemy to your self esteem. When you can see the skills, values and abilities in others, you will feel better about yourself. The only reason you point fingers at others is to avoid looking at the three fingers pointing back at you. Instead, stop picking them apart and spend that time evaluating and changing yourself. After all, we’re all just human and perfection is nothing but an illusion. So lighten up and look inside. Lucky Number 34, 7, 22, 14, 5, 8

LIBRA: Indecisiveness has caused you more than your share of problems. Opting out of a solution happens when you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Yes you have grace and charm but you cause divisiveness when you won’t make up your mind. You cannot afford to have people calling you passive aggressive anymore. So, your best bet is to live by your motto, Win-win. Teach others that no one wins if only one wins. Lucky Numbers 41, 40, 54, 52, 12, 6

SCORPIO: By isolating on purpose you effectively cut off the opportunity for people to interact with you. No one knows how to produce divisiveness quite like a Scorpio. Let go of the pay back mentality and begin to be the healer that you naturally are. The best way to bring about healing is to teach others that life is short and none of us can afford to hold on to old regrets, pains and disappointments. Let it go and remember, it’s hard to hit a moving target. Lucky Numbers 49, 40, 41, 2, 18

SAGITTARIUS: The practice of putting your foot in your mouth is your biggest divisive talent. You’ve been known to say things that embarrass you and others to the point where people can no longer take you seriously. You invented the term faux pax. However, you have the gift of optimism and joy like no other and can use these values to correct your mistakes by being able to laugh at yourself. Think before speaking and spread the joy. Lucky Numbers 40, 52, 21, 11, 8, 9

CAPRICORN: Normally your biggest divisive problems do not occur at work, but because of work. Capricorns are known to be the biggest career enthusiasts in the world, working longer and harder than their co-workers in order to get ahead. You Caps want to provide a wealthy lifestyle for your loved ones, but all work and no family makes you a dull boy or girl with no family respect and lots of nice toys. Find some balance. Lucky Numbers 21, 7, 11, 18, 9, 20

AQUARIUS: Shock, just because you like to unnerve people, is counterproductive to getting along with others. Put your pants back on and trade in your 220 for a converter. Instead of amping up others, strictly for the thrill, learn instead how to make the most of your cohesive abilities by forming a common interest group and helping the less fortunate. You always did have a heart of gold for the underdog. Happy birthday you cattle prods! Lucky Numbers 55, 6, 27, 9, 4, 3

PISCES: Mirror, mirror in the water; It’s like looking into a pond of still water and only seeing you. In your reflection, you don’t know whether to jump in and swim right or left. Letting fear make your decision is probably the worst thing you could do. But, allowing your spiritual connection to make the choice is like finding the lost city of gold at the bottom of the pond. Pray, believe and jump in! Lucky Numbers 41, 30, 22, 24, 29, 19

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