There are basically two main powerful emotions that humans can experience and those are fear and love. All the others emotions are just sub-groups based upon fear and love. However it is only love that is the basis for all creation. Everything we do is coming from these two emotions. We are at all times thinking, speaking and acting from one of these powerful emotions. Love and fear are the only emotions we are able to communicate and connect with. For example, on love's side there is harmony, understanding, compassion, joy, peace, happiness, forgiveness etc. On the fear’s side there is blame, hate, depression, guilt, hopelessness, regret, anger, greed, destruction etc.

"There is no fear in love: true love has no room for fear." Love and fear cannot co-exist in our hearts and minds at the same time. Where love is, fear cannot exist. Where fear is, love cannot exist. So let’s say, you are feeling great fear and anger, but then you realize what you are feeling and you go to the Divine Love within you and fear immediately disappears. It also works the opposite way, you could be feeling great happiness and joy, and then fear takes over and your love and joy disappears. One leaves immediately when the other is at hand. Love is the result of our internal beingness, something that we have chosen to be. Fear is only experienced as the result of what we have been taught along with us looking at the past and present physical events, conditions and circumstances in our lives.

Far too many attempt to create and experience what they love by placing focus on what they fear. Put another way, you will never experience what you desire to experience in your life by keeping your predominant focus on what you would rather not experience. Faith never misses and as modern day scientists have proven, energy flows where attention goes without fail. Both love and fear are based on your belief and your faith in your belief through your own individual choice. When your predominant focus is on that which you fear, you are creating more things that will result in more fear, and when you focus on what you love, you are creating more things that will result in more love and harmony.

Although both love and fear have vibrational frequencies as do all emotions, love resonates at a much higher vibrational frequency than fear therefore love raises our MHz –our vibrational frequency. And what does that mean for you? It means that you will attract those circumstances, events, people and opportunities that harmonize with the frequency you are in and projecting. You are creating your life. You are the Creator of your Life! Now and always create the best and greatest life for You while keeping in mind that your creation should also benefit others.

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With Much Respect and Love,
Wendy Baudín
Self-Love Sherpa & Wisdom Guide

Wendy started paving her path to become a Self-Love Sherpa 30 years ago while doing plenty of deep and heavy lifting in her own life. Having dealt with and overcome a wide range of challenges, speed bumps, and life-changing experiences – ranging from surviving a near-death experience, suffering the tragic loss of a twin son at birth, navigating divorce, grieving the death of a parent, and facing and getting beyond bankruptcy, she acquired the skills to move ahead with grace — without carrying the weight of such heavy baggage. With a lifetime of formal and enrichment education fueling her journey to self-discovery, Wendy’s mission today is to work side by side with women at mid-life who have also seen a lot of life. They are ready to lay down their heavy burdens to step into the joyous lives of possibility that have been so close but seemingly out of reach – until now. Working together, Wendy takes them on a step-by-step journey to reach toward the mountain tops that are their highest and best expression of what they want their lives and work to be about today.

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