What is fear of money? And who are the people who suffer from it? If it's the first time you're hearing about this kind of condition, this is the chance for you to learn more.

Fear of money is a persistent fear of wealth usually brought about by a past experience. Some people develop this fear when they find themselves buried in debt and without a clue on how to overcome it. Others might have witnessed how ugly a situation can get because of money.

There are a lot of different factors that contribute to this phenomenon. If you want to learn how to overcome it, read on.

Step 1: Be Conscious About Your Fear.

The first step to overcoming fear of money is proper awareness. All too often, we fear what we don't understand. The same principle applies when it comes to money.

Sure, tackling your debt issues or your insurance policies can be pretty daunting. It doesn't help that they don't always mean good news either. However, by learning all you can about your fear and where it stems from, you can take appropriate action.

If you know how much debt you've really accumulated, you at least know what you're dealing with. The fear subsides bit by bit for every step of action you make.

Step 2: Talk To Others About It.

If you want to overcome your fear of money, why not talk about it with friends and family? You don't want to broadcast every little detail about your financial matters, but you do need to let out a little bit of steam and perhaps, realize that you're not the only one having issues.

It would be best if you approached a person who you know you can trust and who can be supportive rather than discouraging. If your mom constantly berates you on your financial decisions, she may not be the best person to talk to.

Step 3: Make Money Decisions Regularly.
Sometimes, fear of money paralyzes us. We find ourselves unable to put our eggs in investment baskets. We're content to just let the money make its own decisions.

If you really want to get over your fear of money, you have to be more hands on. So why don't you make money decisions from time to time? Decide how much you want to save up this year. Decide where you want to invest your money in the next few months. Of course, you have to make careful and calculated decisions.

Fear of money is easier to conquer with the right amount of knowledge and determination. Don't be intimidated by money. Fear is but a state of mind.

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