Your favorite foods are getting a makeover. More so their labels will start to look much differently as well. As you already know food labels reveal to us the nutritional value of food products. It outlines components such as fat content, carbohydrates, sugar and nutrition present.

As part of a healthy diet we monitor what we take in by keeping our fat, sugar and carbohydrates low. Although our bodies require these three components there is a difference between the healthy variety and the not so healthy ones.

Fat, in particular, is broken down into three varieties: Fat, saturated and trans fats. By now we have a fairly good understanding of fat and that we should limit our intake of saturated and trans fats. Well you may not have to worry any longer as the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has made a plea to remove trans fats completely from all food items.

What is trans fat?

Before we can inform you on the drastic change the FDA is proposing let’s discuss what trans fats are to get a better understanding.

Trans fats are the product of liquid oils becoming solid. Vegetable oil is typically used and hydrogen atoms are added to make it hydrogenised. This process is done so that food items can last longer on the shelves and not spoil as quickly.


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