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Fast food, as the name suggests is a sort of food which can be prepared very quickly. In today’s world where people don’t have much time even for their loved ones they can enjoy a bite of such foods on the go and fast food also gives time and place utility as well, as one can devour them on their way. In the year 2006, the global fast food market reached a phenomenal figure of 102.4 billion euros and in the year 2014 it reached a much more insane numerical figure of 239.7 billion and if we talk about India; Our fast food market is also growing at a 41% a year all thanks to our population and Punjabi people living in our country with an unquenchable digestive fire.

In today’s world, the concept of franchising is steadily gaining popularity in India as a huge portion of the Indian market is unreached. Indian franchise industry has been ranked as the most demanding global support market for investment with all the leading brands targeting the Indian market. At FranchiseZing, we with our unified services provide maximum knowledge from website for online access, to consultation for personal approach.

Food and beverage franchise business is among the most popular forms of franchise business opportunities. Advantages of choosing Food and beverage franchise as a new business opportunity has got a universal demand, greater potential market and above all it does not require any particular skills. Various Food and beverage franchising options available in the market are; fast food, ice cream parlors, bakery and confectionary shop, as well as fine dine restaurants. Call FranchiseZing today!

Opportunities in India

Major players of this sector like pizza hut, Dominoes, KFC, McDonalds have outlets which pans global geographical locations. For instance, McDonalds has outlets in 126 countries in 6 continents operating with hilarious 31,000 outlets. Burger king has 11,000 outlets. KFC has its roots in 25 countries. These statistics speak for themselves regarding the franchise opportunities fast food sector can generate and the high return on investments as well. They not only generate economic stability but also give fine dining experience by giving quality and high standard food products leading to customer delight. However, this doesn’t mean that our domestic fast food brands are lagging behind, they may be not as big as these giants but are increasing slowly and steadily and can be the source of steady and stable income for the investors in fast food sector in India. Chaat chatore, wow vadapav, Ammi’s Biryani, Laziz pizza, Dosa n Chutney are some of the examples of our indigenous brands which are becoming popular with time providing beneficial business as well as franchising opportunities.

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