What are your fashion strengths? What are your fashion flaws? Do you know how designers create styles and fabrics that achieve a certain look? Here are some essential suggestions to highlight your strengths.

Fashion is an idea that supports your self-esteem. To raise your self-esteem means to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses. Pay attention to your fashion weaknesses first, then you can flatter more of your fashion strengths.

When fashion styles are created, designers depend upon certain lines to achieve a distinctive purpose. To give height and length to your figure, select a style with vertical lines. A style with horizontal lines adds width and makes you appear shorter.

Styles with curved lines make your figure appear rounded or full. Garments that have a line or pattern that repeats itself maximizes the effect. Whether the lines are vertical, horizontal, or curved, the effect increases the impression of height, length, width, or fullness. A shorter, more rounded appearance is also increased.

For major figure flatters, the following suggestions may give you a more suitable look.

A suitable look for persons who stand five feet or less in height includes wearing
quiet prints, tops with small collars, and fabrics with vertical lines. Other styles
include, short jackets and bolero jacket styles, lightweight jewelry, fabrics in soft colors, and medium-full skirts.

Avoid wearing horizontal stripes; belted dresses that break the figure in half, bulky knits, pointed collars, two-piece dresses, and very long jackets.

Tall figures may wear clothing with horizontal lines, fabrics with contrasting colors, wide belts, large and chunky accessories, and jackets with three-quarter lengths, fabrics with large prints, and boxy pleated skirts.

To make the taller figure appear more flattering avoid wearing small jewelry, fabrics with small patterns, thin and sheer fabrics, tight skirts and skirts with vertically placed tucks.

Suitable styles for a full or heavy figure include wearing vertical lines; tops with buttons down the front panel, small prints and checks, garments with straight hanging hemlines. V-shaped necklines are good, narrow belts on dresses, and jackets that fall no more than two inches below the hipbone are other wearable styles.

Patterns and styles to avoid include those with horizontal lines; round necklines and collars, skirts with full pleats, very long or very short jackets, and two-piece dresses.

Thin figures may appear more flattering in patterns with horizontal lines; two-piece dresses, bold colors, plaids and large prints. Dresses with large pockets add the appearance of weight. Full skirts, and tops with rounded shoulders, and belts in contrasting colors are also good.

Styles to avoid are slim and tight fitting clothing, clinging and flimsy fabrics, dull and pale colors, and accessories that are not in proportion to your height.

Having the figure of a model seems ideal, however with today’s news being focused on anorexic-like thinness, this figure type may not be so perfect when your health is threatened in trying to remain thin. Staying healthy is a constant struggle, yet necessary. Besides being blessed to be able to wear almost any style, if you have the figure of a model, wear styles that are pleasing.

No matter what figure type you have, it is important to experiment and find a look that is uniquely yours. Select styles that are flattering and perfect for you. By choosing styles that are recommended for your figure, you not only flatter your figure, your satisfaction improves from your clothing selections. Then you can love the way you look and feel when wearing them.

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