The open schooling system was set up by the government in the year 1989. It is regulated under the NIOS – National Institute of Open School. The system, ever since its launch has helped many children acquire education. 

Open schooling is one of the best opportunities for children who are unable to attend regular schooling. It has been seen as the best alternative to be introduced as compared to the conventional schooling system.

Is there any difference in the education imparted?

Open schooling may not be like the traditional classroom learning program. Even if this is the fact, still the level of education imparted in open school is very much similar to the conventional schools. The school opens up the doors of opportunities to students who cannot be a part of the traditional classroom learning

If you are staying in a remote place, then you can be a part of the open school to get educational knowledge.

Educational level offered under open schooling

It is certain that under the open schooling education program, the children are eligible to complete their basic level education. The system of education in India is available for any student who is above fourteen years of age.

Once you are a part of the open schooling system, you get a chance to complete education at different levels. At the basic level children can opt for classes 3rd, 5th and 7th of the conventional education program.

All the curriculum covered in the open school will blend in perfectly with the traditional classroom program.

Courses offered under secondary level for students in open schooling

If you are a part of the open schooling system, then you have an opportunity to complete your secondary level education. 

  • Students will get an opportunity to complete the 10th-grade education at the secondary level course.
  • They can also opt for 12th-grade education when enrolled for the senior secondary level course.
  • Children are also offered specialized courses and programs at the vocational levels.

The government ensures that the open schooling program covers everything essential for any child to attain a basic level education. All the courses are certified by the government program.

Is it similar to a distance learning program?

In general, people often consider open schooling programs as a part of the distance learning program. You need to keep in mind that open schooling and distance learning programs do follow the same objective- to provide education for every student.

Both types of programs do offer benefits to the candidate to opt for education as a part of formal classroom learning. The programs are designed to offer formal education to children who have less access to physical classroom learning.

Course selection

When you are a part of the open schooling system in India, you have an option to choose your study program. The students have the convenience to select the number of courses they wish to study during the entire program.

You may not have the restrictions to complete the entire course within the same academic year. You get to decide the pace at which you can study the entire course. Students are also offered additional support from the system to complete their education.

Online learning platform benefits

If you are a part of the distance learning program, then you have the convenience to complete the education online. But this is one benefit students may not have when opting for an open schooling program. They can still enjoy a lot of flexibility in terms of selecting the course material they can comfortably study.

Distance learning is not the same, as the students who are in remote geographical areas or cannot travel to school every day, can opt for a distant learning program. To be a part of the open schooling system, you may not need access to the internet.

Top benefits of open schooling in India

The open schooling system is very much helpful for students who feel that they are unable to select the regular course. This is just one of the benefits. The system offers a lot more advantages for the students

1. Age restrictions

One of the main benefits of open schooling is that students may not have any upper age limits you can be a part of the open school at any age.

2. Physical classrooms

As a part of the open schooling program, candidates are not restricted to physical classroom learning. You may not be forced to attend any classroom lectures.

3. Time flexibility

Open schooling offers students time flexibility. This means that one year program can also be completed by the student in two or more years. If you are a slow learner then open schooling is the best option for you.

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