Faridabad is a well-developed industrial city in the northern India. It is situated 71.5km away from this happening city and the capital of India called Delhi city. This city named Faridabad is enriched with good numbers of schools which are especially established for the betterment of ground level means grass root level education, which is supposed to be received by the blooming kids of the society. This city is from every angle very developed, if you see it economical view then you will get to see its economic level is high, if you see it from its employment capacity then, you will get to see that almost 75% dwellers are doing good jobs, and able to shoulder the burden of their families. All the inhabitants are seen living luxurious and lavishing life like ever. Schools over here in this city are very dedicated towards providing quality education to the up-growing children of the society so that these children after they are grown up can utilize their education for both purposes like preserving knowledge which can be used by the later generation and for earning money at present time.

Faridabad had come up with such qualitative schools, which have too got teachers appointed from all the corners of the country. These schools which are situated for the children education are good looking, facilitated with all the new, advanced technology, see, when these schools have adopted technological devices for the purpose of teaching and learning then you just thinks what would be the scenario of high schools over here which are established for the purpose of providing higher education. All these nursery schools and play schools and all other schools have got such other fascinating facilities for the betterment of the students apart from academic field.

Facilities like all these schools have provision of taking students to outside of their city for inter school competitions at this age, then these schools itself organize such other events so that all the kids can take their interest or find their interest in such cultural fields also to go on with, besides this academic classes. Apart from its qualitative facilities schools are having great look and which can be helpful increasing the attendance percentage of the students in the classes. Children education is the most delicate and significant duty for the government to take care of.

If the children education is shaken then how can be the higher education be so worth full? It would be impossible for the system also to make a worthy result of higher institutes. If there is no student with determined mind and firm confidence along with proper knowledge then what’s the need of such higher institutes. That’s why; ground level or grass root level education should be solid and qualitative so that children from their childhood can be growing with all the knowledge of everything. With this view this city Faridabad is flourishing with lots of good numbers of nursery schools and play schools.

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