Karthik Sawhney was born visually impaired. He was conceived in Delhi, his dad has a shop of car save parts in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. His mother is a home-maker. Since a youthful age, Karthik delighted in considering math, science, and software engineering. His folks constantly urged him to do everything that his companions used to do. Karthik likewise expressed a case of his craft classes, his mom used to stick fleece on the framework of the drawing apparatus with the goal that he could fill shading into it.

Karthik cleared 5th standard to Xth standard with first-class at Delhi Public School, RK Puram. In 2009 he was awarded the “National Child Award for Exceptional Achievements” from the ministry of women and child welfare, Govt of India, which is the biggest award of the Indian government for students. While growing up, Karthik wanted to study in the science stream and go for engineering studies further. Things were never easy for him. The Central Board of Secondary Education didn't allow blind students to study science as it would be difficult for a blind student to understand graphs, diagrams, etc. They do not have a system to teach students like him and hence CBSE rejected the application. He was disappointed but still decided to stand for his rights. He wrote so many letters to CBSE controllers. It took just about 9 months and a great deal of endeavors, he even moved toward an NGO crusade to achieve his privileges. He, at last, got consent from CBSE for all the visually impaired understudies to get confirmation. He demonstrated his commitment and ability when he verified 95 percent in his twelfth standard tests. His computer1 science score was 99 and in Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and English he scored 95 that sums up to an overall score of 479 out of 500.

After this incident with CBSE, Karthik was somewhat aware of the upcoming difficulties in his life. He also started a conversation with IIT's while he was in the 10th standard. He knew it was not going to be easy to convince them and get admission in IIT. In his very first attempt, he received a denial letter straightforward even after clearing the entrance exam. After conversations with IITs when he used to be discouraged, his family always encouraged him to try again. He had to put a lot of effort, wrote several letters to explain reasons and his willingness to study in IIT but unfortunately, he was unable to convince them. But his dedication to study and become an Engineer made him seek for better opportunities, he started searching international options and started applying. He was so enthusiastic about seeking after designing and at last, this took care of when he got admission to Stanford University, USA. It was 2013 when Stanford offered him a grant and welcomed him to contemplate there. Karthik wasn't being treated indifferently anymore at Stanford, he got a lot of support while studying.

"They think of me as a student with varied interests who happens to have a disability, rather than a disabled student. That is what makes all the difference. American Universities are friendly with disabled people while students there are even friendlier." –Karthik Sawhney

The university had a separate office for students with disabilities known as the Office of Accessible Education. Karthik wanted to make things easier for other students like him. He started a project STEM Access, It provides support to the blind students and also this platform works with Government and other institutions to help arrange proper accommodation for such students. He wanted other students to try the STEM field. Also, Karthik has personally mentored a few students.

Karthik worked together with a couple of companions and began an endeavor named NextBillion.org in April 2016. His endeavor has just finished two mentorship partners, preparing around 60 crippled understudies. Karthik has just finished his single guy's and as of now examining Masters at Stanford University. His fundamental focal point of examining is Artificial Intelligence as it can affect individuals' lives and engage them. He has likewise been regarded with the Queen's Young Leaders Award. Karthik is set to break the limits around as inability is only a perspective. He needs to change lives at a greater level.

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