“Life is all about taking risks. If you never take risks, you'll never know what you are capable of. “
Avinash Kuri risked leaving his position even when he has required an early advancement.
Avinash was conceived in a family with an Army foundation. He had burned through the vast majority of his life in Army Cantonment. He was just 2 years old when he used to act like his grandfather's action, this shows he was born talent in the acting field. When he grew up a bit, he liked mimicking and doing acting a lot. He used to put cotton as mustache and act like elders. Movies were the only source of entertainment for him which he used to watch every day after coming back from school.
He was in the 5th standard when he came across a movie of Vinod Khanna, the movie was based on the life of bandits. This movie left an impression on him and he just enacted and created another bandit's story with his friends.
One day his English educator requested that everybody compose an article on "What would I like to become when I grew up?" Avinash wrote that he wants to become an Army Officer. while one of his classmates wrote about becoming an Artist. His educator became angry for picking such a dumb career. This day changed Avinash's point of view, he quit watching movies and even began criticizing other people who watched motion pictures.
He was seeing everybody around him going for engineering, he chose to accept the way things are and joined The Army Institute of Technology, Pune. During his school days, ragging was so normal so he had to experience it.
His seniors started calling him to their rooms where he used to mimic and used to tell stories to entertain them. This was the time when acting came back to his life and he realized that he wants to pursue his career in the acting field. He didn't miss a single cultural event in his college where he could show his acting skills. But all this idea of taking acting as a career was so messed up in his mind.
When he completed his 3 years with John Deere company offered him an early promotion but Avinash decided to quit this time and he resigned from his job. He shifted to Mumbai and determined to join some training to blossom like a beautiful aromatic flower.

In the wake of finishing graduation, he joined a product organization, John Deere, as a
software engineer however on the opposite side he joined a theatre group as his affection for acting was not blurred. As time began passing, he went for his first expert performance center play "Khamosh Adalat Jaari Hai". Before long he came up to the following level and began a theatre group gathering alongside his friends and completed two shows of his play called "Long Live Revolution" which was co-composed and co-coordinated by him.

At the point when he finished his 3 years with John Deere organization offered him an early advancement yet Avinash chose to stop this time and he left his job. He moved to Mumbai and chose to join a few trainings to blossom like a bloom. Avinash did Atul Monga’s Cinema Acting Workshop. Atul is famous for training the star cast of the super hit film ‘Gully Boy,’ ‘NH10’, and ‘Phillauri.’

In some time, he started receiving offers for feature films and advertisements one after the other and one of his upcoming feature films ‘Nirmal Anand Ki Puppy’ is a gift of his all hard work. The acting was his passion and he went on to do everything to follow his passion.

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