ARUN KUMAR BAJAJ : World’s First sewing artist with many awards!

Have you at any point heard or pondered Thread Painting? This is the exceptional ability of the world-well-known craftsman Arun Kumar Bajaj. He is the world's just sewing machine artist who is making artful culminations with his ability. Arun was conceived on second June 1983. He hails from Patiala, Punjab. Arun was good at painting since an early age. He used to make a lot of compositions in his school days. te a ton of works of art in his school days. His dad was a tailor yet he never preferred this calling. According to Arun, It was uncool for him when his friends used to tease him by saying 'Darzi ka Beta'(tailor's son). In any case, being around his dad and seeing him sewing garments each day showed him the fundamentals of sewing and weaving. Arun's destiny was planning something different for him. Arun was 16 years old when he lost his father. He had no other choice but to leave school and join his family tailoring business. When he was assured that he can't go for anything else, he thought to change his perspective and find something interesting in tailoring only to make it fancy.
Creativity is intelligence having fun.” - Albert Einstein
One day Arun saw a fantasy, he was making a representation of Guru Nanak Ji on his sewing machine. That portrait looked so beautiful and he couldn't stop himself from making this portrait. The following morning, he didn't take any requests for sewing and began chipping away at that picture of Guru Nanak Ji. It took him very nearly 15 days and a couple of disappointments to finish his last work. Arun has made photographs of many celebrities through the sewing machine, including The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In January 2018, the talented PM Modi an image of him made with the sewing machine. Arun presented the Union minister Smriti Irani, 4×2 feet painting of the court of Ranjit Singh, the famous Maharaja of the Sikh realm with almost 2,000 human figures. This Sewing artist says it took him almost one year to complete this painting. Arun has received so many awards and world recognition. His name has already been listed in India Book of Records, Unique World Record and, Limca Book of World Record.
Arun has introduced the perfect works of art of his artistic creations in displays in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and different urban communities. He sold some of them and even one of his works of art brought him almost 3.5 lakh at a deal at Dilli Haat in the capital. His work has likewise been depicted in the Surajkand Crafts Mela in Haryana and the International Trade celebration in Delhi in 2014. He made one astounding artwork that was a six feet tall wonderful image of Lord Krishna, for which he has gotten numerous honors. He finished that in three years' and it took 28 lakh 36 thousand meters of string to make this image. This was the principal such artful culmination on the planet, which was produced using a sewing machine and that too with a large number of strings. Another difficult picture was of a tiger which took three years to finish. He plans to make increasingly one of a kind representations. In spite of having all the gratefulness and acknowledgment for his fine art, he despite everything sits at the fitting shop of his dad.
"I am densely grateful to my dad for presuming to join the fitting business. My disappointment was what drove me to perform better and search for approaches past being known as a 'darzi'. It took me long periods of difficult work, persistence, and commitment to arrive at where I am presently. If I could turn my predetermination in support of me, I accept everybody can. One just needs to have an expectation" -Arun Bajaj
Arun constantly needed the entire world to know him for his ability and aptitudes. He endeavored to arrive and got a lot of grants and acknowledgment. Arun Kumar Bajaj is known as ‘The Needleman of India’. He is presently intending to get into the Guinness Book of World Records and make India a pleasing country by his novel artworks. Arun is an inspiration for the young talent who have the craft and art dreams in their lives. No dream is small or big if you dedicatedly follow your passion, you'll get the recognition sooner or later.

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