Broken Hearts With Fake Tiffany Jewelry

Nothing hurts a girl more than knowing that the jewelry that she is wearing is replica Tiffany jewelry. A smart person can easily identify whether the jewelry presented to your loved one is the genuine article or is a cheap Tiffany rip-off.

How Do You Spot Fake Or Replica Tiffany Jewelry

1. The Box: Tiffany jewelry usually comes in a blue colored box that is traditionally called robin’s egg blue. The jewelry item is usually placed in a robin’s egg blue colored drawstring bag and the box is tied with a white satin ribbon.

2. Feel and Touch: Hold the item in your hand. It should feel heavy. A fake Tiffany item is usually much lighter because of the inferior quality of metal used.

3. Engraving: Genuine Tiffany jewelry is engraved with the word Tiffany & Co. Ensure that the word is properly spelled and the engraving is clear and of high quality. They will be stamped with the words“. 925”.

4. Polish: For jewelry that is made from silver, there should not be any green staining on the item. Check whether the material is indeed made from metal. One way of confirming is to use silver polish. Professional jewellers will not hesitate to demonstrate that their product is the genuine article with the use of silver polish.

5. Clasp: If the product is a necklace or bracelet, a genuine Tiffany item would have a lobster clasp. It should be sturdy and thick, and should be very tight when you try to open it, while fake Tiffany products have very flimsy clasps.

6. One of the most popular items in the Tiffany catalogue is a sterling silver toggle necklace with a heart charm. The replica Tiffany jewelry items sold online show the charm with the engraving "Return to Tiffany" on it. Tiffany does not make any silver heart charm toggle necklaces that have an engraving.

7. Links: One way to check the authenticity of a jewelry item like a bracelet or necklace is to examine the links. Genuine Tiffany products are soldered in a smooth fashion, while fake Tiffany items have a very crude finish.

Lessons To Be Learned And Followed

If all the above items in the list are followed, you can be sure that your next purchase of Tiffany jewelry will be the genuine article and not a replica Tiffany that can only bring lasting pleasure to the wearer.

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