A man in Toronto was recently arrested for theft. What did he do? He pretended to be a real estate agent and then stole $30k worth of jewelry. A Homes Security System with cameras would help in these situations.

The victims of this crime, a couple, had an open house in a small town in Ontario called Oakville. Located about an hour’s drive west of Toronto, the perp saw an ad for an open house in Oakville, and he came up with a crazy plan. The guy, a 29-year old, decided to pretend that he was a Realtor. He went inside of the home, and then made his way up to one of the bedrooms upstairs. He ended up stealing more than $30k in jewelry.

The man is a native of Willow Beach, another Ontario city, and he was charged with one count of theft over $5,000 and one count of being in a dwelling unlawfully. Local police believe that this was not an isolated incident and that this man has done similar things before. They are working on talking to people who might have information about this case, or others, to see if there are any other possible charges against the man.

Over the years, many criminal types have tried to pose as Realtors to gain access to someone’s home. Recently, a California woman was arrested to pretending to be a real estate agent in order to steal tens of thousands of dollars from people buying homes.

A California ma, Benjamin Eitan Ackerman, was also arrested for a similar scheme. In this instance, he pretended that he was a realtor in order to steal jewelry fine wine, and rare art from celebrities. His targets included Usher and Adam Lambert.

It is important for homebuyers to make sure that they are speaking with their personal Realtor each time they are in contact, both on the phone and via email. You should see company letterhead or similar on all emails, and if you have suspicion about who you are talking to on the phone, call them back on the number you have for them.

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