Facial exercising is an alternative, holistic, non-traditional way to reduce and prevent the signs of aging through minimal efforts done once a day. Although results are not immediate, the early in life that facial exercises are begun, the less likely you are to show signs of aging throughout your life. Many factors contribute to the signs of aging on our skin- DNA, diet, environment, habits, and exercise. By managing the factors that we can control such as diet, exercise and environment you can eliminate and prevent the signs of aging from creeping up on your skin. Each area of the face has a different exercise. Each exercise should be completed in succession to get the most oxygen, blood and nutrients to the muscles, and skin of the face. Here is a set of facial exercises that should be done 1 time daily to improve your skin quality and have a younger, smoother looking face.

1. Forehead & Eyes- Lift brow, giving your face a surprised look. This will tighten sagging eye muscles. Hold for 5 seconds. Then frown so the eyebrows furrow over the eyes and the nose scrunches. Hold for 5 seconds. Open eyes wide, again lifting the brow. Make sure you are continually looking straight ahead. Do each exercise 5 times.
2. Eyes- Looking straight ahead, partially wink one eye at a time. Hold partial wink for 1 second. Repeat movement on each eye 50 times.
Looking straight ahead without moving your head, move your eyes down and then up. This builds up the ocular muscles. Repeat 50 times.
3. Around the Eye- Press fingers on your temples. With slight pressure push back towards your ears. Close your eyes tightly. You should feel the muscles around the eye contract. Hold for 1-2 seconds. Relax and open your eyes. Repeat motion for beginners 10 times. Build up to 20 repetitions for 3 sets.
4. Mouth- Put your index fingers at the corners of the mouth. Gently pull on the corners of the mouth in the opposite directions. Hold for 2 seconds and release. Beginners start with 25 repetitions and build up to 50. (In no way will this stretch or cause damage to your lips)
5. Chin- Lift lower lip up over the top of the upper lip. You can feel the chin flatten and become firm. Hold for 1 second. Now lower chin towards chest without moving head or neck. Hold for 1 second. Keep your head still while moving in either direction. Complete 10-12 repetitions and build up to 3 sets.
6. Front of Neck- Keep in a balanced position either seated or standing. Tilt head back and look at the ceiling/sky. Press tongue to the roof of the mouth. Keeping the tongue on the roof of your mouth, lower the chin toward your neck. Do 10 repetitions in both directions. To make this exercise more difficult while looking up with your tongue on the roof of your mouth, swallow. Your tongue must stay on the roof of the mouth and may take several tries to get this exercise correct. Then turn your head slightly to the left and swallow. Turn to the right and swallow. The tongue should remain on the roof of the mouth throughout all of the exercise. Each position should be done for 10 repetitions.
7. Jowls- This is the lower part of the cheek. Place your fingertips on the line that runs from the corner of your nostrils to the corner of the mouth (Raise elbows up so pointer finger is at the edge of your nostrils and the ring fingers or pinkies are at the corner of the mouth.). Put gentle pressure on your fingertips while you smile widely. Hold for 5 seconds. Then release. Do 30 repetitions.

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