Are you in the market for an electric skateboard? There is no denying that electric boards are here to stay. They get you to your destination faster and you will be smiling the entire way. They are immensely popular and you can find electric skateboards in different forms, shapes, sizes, and prices. However, it can be confusing because you don’t know which one to choose. Obviously, you want to get the best electric skateboard you can without breaking the bank.

The Exway X1 is the obvious choice. Here are some of the reasons for why you should consider picking one up today. Features at a glance:

Speed: With the top speed of over 25 MPH the X1 is blisteringly fast.

Maximum Range: Around 10 Miles. (The battery life varies with the pavement, rider weight and hill grade)
Maximum Load: Don’t be fooled by Exway’s incredibly thin deck, it can support weights of over 250 pounds so the X1 can accommodate riders of all sizes.

Durability: The Exway X1 is the most durable electric board on the market. It is wrapped in a military grade coating that makes the board tough as nails.

Performance: The performance of Exway X1 is in a word, smooth. The ESC (brain) onboard the X1 is one of the best on the market. This yields a smooth, reliable ride.

Acceleration / Braking: Because of its powerful motors The X1 provides superior torque for the massive hill climb and strong brakes when you need it.

Trucks: The Exway X1 comes equipped with Seismic Trucks. Seismic is based out of Boulder Colorado and has been making trucks since 1993. These trucks make the board carve up the road with confidence.

Price: Don’t let the inexpensive price tag fool you. The Exway X1 is one of the most powerful/fast/smooth/and rugged boards on the market.

Battery: Older skateboards had whereas The Exway X1 is an electric skateboard that offers rechargeable Li-ion batteries. Depending on the way you want to use your electric skateboard, whether it is for fun or for commuting, the battery requirements can vary. The batteries used in the most technologically advanced electric skateboard such as Exway X1 offer a longer life, superior range, and have a shorter charging time.

Remote Control: The Exway has a smart remote that gives you real-time remote/board battery readout. Switch riding modes on the fly and enjoy vibrating feedback that warns you when your battery is getting low or if the board sensors are picking up unusual activity.

Motors: Along with a good battery, the Exway X1 electric skateboard has high quality, 1000 watt, dual hub-motors. The Exway hub motors are extremely quiet allowing you to run completely incognito and require no maintenance. Also, the hub motors eliminate range anxiety because if you do last longer than your battery you can always kick it old school to your destination.

If those aren’t reason enough to pick up an Exway 1X, try this on for size… They are located in San Francisco and have a service team standing by. They can be reached at So what are you waiting for getting out there and buy an electric board today!

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