Herbalism or Herbal Medicine is the use of the parts of the plant for medicinal purposes. This may involve the seeds, leaves, roots, berries, fruits, bark, or anything from the plant. It has many applications in preventing and curing diseases. People like it because it rarely has side effects when used properly.

Beneficial effects of herbal medicines

Use of Herbal Medicines In Mumbai is good because it helps cure without too many side effects. Most of the commonly used herbs are popular because of their simplicity of use and effectiveness.

Kava kava: This herb enhances the feeling of well-being and contentment. It elevates the mood and makes the person relaxed. This helps speed the recovery since a happy person will have better chances of a healthier outcome. The good prognosis is slightly offset by the chance that there may be potential dangers associated with the use of the herb as a medicine.

St. John’s wort: This is a popular anti-depressant. People with mild to moderate depression can use this herb to alleviate their symptoms. Though it has fewer side-effects than most other anti-depressants, there is an element of danger due to its capacity to interfere with other medicines. To avoid unwanted side effects, one must consult their personal physician and check that the chances of such an occurrence is minimal. Only after he confirms that it is safe, you must use the herb.

Some more herbs

Ginkgo: This herb enhances memory and is useful for treating circulatory disorders. Since the olden times, it has found use in the treatment of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and improving the circulation in the legs. The action of Ginkgo is in reducing the stickiness of the blood platelets and dilation of the blood vessels. However, since this increases the blood thinning property, one should be careful when taking Ginkgo.

Saw palmetto: One of the most popular herbs in the US, saw palmetto is used for treating prostatic hyperplasia. This condition is a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland. It also finds use for correcting urinary conditions such as frequent urination and difficulty in passing urine.

Unwanted effects of herbal medicines

Some herbal medicines may cause allergic reactions or unexpected results. In particular, kava kava is known to produce liver toxicity. So much so, it has been removed from the medicine counters in many countries.

People who have seizures might experience increased attacks if they take evening primrose. St. John’s wort will increase the sensitivity of the skin and lead to allergic reactions. Further, it will interfere with the effectiveness of other drugs including warfarin and birth control pills.

Herbs such as ginger, garlic, feverfew, and ginkgo may increase the chances of internal bleeding. Valerian produces sleepiness but in a few patients, it may act as a stimulant instead of a sedative.

One should not assume that being natural the herbs are safe. They may not suit specific medical or physical conditions. Further, the chances of contamination are always present. Many of the herbs show reaction when used with conventional drugs. Due to all this, one must make sure that they are safe for use by consulting your doctor first.

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