It is always a good idea to gain insights from an expert for better outcomes, especially when it comes to shipping frozen goods, like fresh foods, pharmaceuticals or flowers. If you are looking forward to perishable shipping products, which require temperature-controlled transportation, then you must take proper steps that will be more suitable for the materials to prevent any damage. You need to ensure that your package reaches your destination without any damage.



Thus, to keep your frozen items fresh in the whole shipping process, follow these expert tips on shipping perishable goods:


  • Use Appropriate Packaging Materials


When shipping cold or frozen goods, it is essential that you are using the right packaging material to prevent any kind of issue. At first, you need to pack the items in an airtight container for minimising the exposure and ensuring there is no contact with the coolant materials. Containers like zip-top or vacuum-sealed bags. Make sure that the cooler is minimum 1.5 inches thick for ensuring insulation. For better packaging, you can hire professional frozen goods transport in Brisbane.


  • Use the Right Materials for Cooling


After placing your frozen or cold items in the airtight containers, you must choose the right materials for keeping the goods cold. It is best to use gel freezer packs, and for frozen item shipments. You can also use dry ice to keep the items fresh and intact. However, if it is lengthy shipping, then you can opt for both for more effective results. Moreover, when using dry ice, make sure to put 5-10 lbs. Also, when using gel packs, put one pound per cubic per day. This will allow ensuring that the items stay cold in the entire shipping process. Besides, remember that dry ice is a hazardous material, so it is better to wear gloves when handling them. However, if you find it difficult to do these things, then it is best for you to call the professionals. 


  • Packaging it in the Right Way


After you have decided to use dry ice, gel packs, or both of them, it is time to pack up the items. At first, you need to position a container of dry ice or gel pack on the bottom of the cooler. After that, you need to place the product into the cooler, and seal the cooler with a tape. Next, you need to position the sealed cooler into a heavy-duty shipping box. Besides, it is vital to fill the empty space in the box with bubble wrap. This will help to keep the temperature contained for longer. You need to tape up the box until it is secured and make sure to mark it to indicate warnings.


  • Now it is Time to Ship!


It is best to ship the items overnight without making any delays. This will keep the items cols and fresh. You must hire one of the leading freight companies in Brisbane who provides quality shipping service. 

Final Words!

Therefore, you must follow these expert tips for transporting cold goods. Also, make sure to hire when hiring service for refrigerated transport in Glen Innes make sure to hire a certified company that can provide you with proper documentation of the shipping process.  

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