All things are yours already, but not anything that you see. What you see is simply the result of what you are open to accept from our Creator, God, Source or Spirit. All concepts of abundance or blessings occur on a spiritual level and have nothing to do with physical needs or demands. The physical experience of abundance occurs when our spirit is in a place where we project love and forgiveness into the physical world we appear to see. Since our world consists of what we project and since what we project can only originate in our spirit mind, when your spirit mind is in sync with Source's spirit of love and forgiveness, you will return to a knowing of abundance and this will then be projected out and you will see and experience the world from this perspective of love, forgiveness and abundance.

Abundance is knowing there is nothing we have need of because we already have everything. When this is projected into the physical world we currently experience, this can be transformed into the effects of increased health, increased finances, better jobs and improved relationships. These effects are not promises or guarantees, but are the result of changing their cause. When projecting your vision of the world through your ego, you are more likely to experience need, lack, sorrow, depression, sickness and despair. When projecting your image of the world through your connection with Spirit, you are less likely to experience those things because your experiences will now be based upon the truthful principals of peace, love and joy. Your world is then more likely to be one of improved health, finances, relationships, etc,. The most important thought you should embrace, however, is that whatever Spirit knows is best for you, is what you should truly experience.

The reason we should turn over our decisions to Spirit is because we do not know what is blocking our sight, but Spirit does. As long as there are unresolved problems in our life, we will not see as clearly as possible. Spirits goal is to bring into your life whatever is necessary to help you arrive at pivotal points where you can choose the direction of the light, where you may have not made this same choice before. These situations may appear to be 'problems' from the worlds perspective, but what they truly are, are opportunities to see what you have not faced. You can then choose this time to face it while including Spirit in your choice to react differently than before, and finally hand over this issue and be healed of its grip on your life.

Abundance is having the experiences that are truly best from which you can learn and grow. This is why we should judge nothing since we cannot even begin to fathom or understand what truly needs to occur in our lives so that we overcome and smash through the blocks that are preventing our clear site of our God and Creator. Whether somebody is experiencing sickness or wonderful health, this is neither a punishment nor a reward from Source, but is simply what is necessary to experience a situation where you can finish cycles that have gone unfinished or unnoticed for millennia. Every time we face and issue and do not hand it over to Spirit as a method to learn and embrace true healing, this issue or problem will return again and again, in whatever form is necessary until we choose to react differently than before and end the cycle.

When we become truly open for abundance by unconditionally turning our lives over to the direction of Spirit and seek the guidance of high masters such as Jesus, this allows Spirit to begin replacing the egos dream of this world, with his happy dream. The happy dream does not see despair, poverty, sickness or death, but sees only that all things are working together for the greater good. It knows that no spirit mind is in danger, no matter what it may experience and it knows that we are all, daily, getting closer and closer to seeing that we are one. We are all, daily, seeing clearer and clearer that love and forgiveness are the best and truest thoughts to embrace. We are all, daily, closer to Spirit and our return to our Creators eternal presence.

Meanwhile, it appears as though there are so many people in the world who are suffering with terrible sicknesses, financial calamities and horrible relationship issues. Even those of us who have embraced Spirit for total guidance, do not always see the world though its eyes and continue to experience many of these things ourselves. The answer for yourself and all those who have lost their peace and joy in this world, is to find a moment to be still, and forgive yourself for even beginning to think that you are less deserving of total happiness than anyone else. We all deserve wonderful happiness, but somewhere, as individuals, we have chosen to believe that all the things around us are what determines our true happiness, and it is not. There is nothing outside yourself that can truly affect you, but we believe there is and therefore, we then experience the effect of being at the mercy of the world. We believe we are victims, but we are not. There are no victims. There are only choices to allow yourself to believe it is so. This is a cycle of thinking that you can change. As any issue confronts you, say to yourself that you are not a victim and that there are other choices and other end results that you can experience. Open your mind for Spirit to heal how you see this experience and allow him to rewrite your thoughts and help you end that cycle of thought. You are not a victim. God has not slighted you. Ascended Masters, Angels and guides have not ignored your cries. The only real problem is that you often choose not to accept or even see the answers provided, and therefore, the problems increase and many cycles return.

For any cycle, there are only two possible results. To continue endlessly by forever making choices on your own as to how to react or respond, or, to hand this problem over to Spirit and accept its answer by choosing to be open to have the problem resolved by learning to become loving and forgiving of the circumstance creating the situation. There is not a problem, sickness, calamity, etc, that is not the direct result of lack of forgiveness and love. When you truly wish for a cycle to end, set aside what you believe is the answer, because this has never provided a final solution, and allow Spirit to guide your thoughts towards a true and final answer. All answers are resolved through being peaceful, being loving and being willing to see this world, yourself and your Creator differently. There are no punishments, there are no sacrifices, and there are no demands for your allegiance. There is only love and forgiveness or the lack of love and forgiveness.

Embrace love and forgiveness of yourself, your brothers, this world, all Ascended Masters, all the Guides and Angels, our Spirit or Source, and you will bathe in abundance. This may or may not generate any immediate physical effects, but that is not the purpose of abundance. The purpose of abundance is to teach that peace, forgiveness and love resolve your problems by showing you that these problems never really existed at all. There is never a problem or anything you will ever have want of or need, when it becomes clear to you that you always had and always will have all that our Creator has freely given us.

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David Nelmes - David is a Reiki Master, author and teacher who has a genuine and powerful sense of healing, teaching and writing. His desire to share his knowledge about energy work has manifested itself through his web site's services, courses and articles, and they are a testimony to the quality and power of what he has to share. His favorite phrase is, "I am here only to be truly helpful." This is a phrase from A Course in Miracles that he has strived to live by. David's happy goal is to share what he has learned and continues to learn. He extends peace and blessings to all.

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