No problems no prospects, o yes, that is an unchangeable fact of life since the dawn of creation and so it will be till nothing exists on earth again. In one word, there is no way we can run away from the altruism that problems and prospects are both part and parcel of our existence. Whichever way one looks at it, opportunities and difficulties are the same bedfellow or Siamese twins if you like it that way meaning that it is not possible to enjoy one and wish away the other no matter how hard you may try.

We must be taking a gloomy path of deceit if we pray against an encounter with problems because whether we like it or not, they will still come our way because they are part of natural existence, The best thing we can do under any circumstance is to look for both the immediate and remote solutions to them so that we may not be victims of the same issues that have given us some unexpected and awful backwardness since it is not possible for us to prevent them from happening it is always a matter of wisdom for us to always plan ahead for the solutions.

It is quite hard for some people to realize that challenges of life are never intended to destabilize or lead them to a path of destruction but to make them wiser and fit to face other more serious challenges as they surface. Problems are naturally designed to test our will, teach us the better way to put on our thinking cap and invent solutions to the best of our ability so that we may move ahead in life and pursue our individual vocations and callings.

Some people may not also know that solutions to individual problems help to bring the best out of them under any given circumstance and that is the reason why it is said that necessity is the mother of invention. Surely if there are no problems prospects will just be a matter of wishful thinking and so if there are not challenges that toughen our way of life, there can be no remarkable change in the way we deal with issues just like if there are no tests of our faith there can be no testimony for us to give as a very important lesson for those who are yet to undergo the same experiences like ours.

One thing that is quite sure in life is for anyone to be great in life no matter the area of calling, profession or career, the person must be ready, willing and able to face exceptional challenges and solve great commensurate problems. Victors, as we all know, are war heroes and what make them very outstanding of the general crowd in the estimation of people is the number of battles they have been able to win and the number of medals they have acquired.

Whenever any problem or challenge occur, it is not a good idea to fret but confront it squarely because anything you cannot confront you cannot conquer. The first thing is to find out what it is all about and face it with best of your ability since there can be no prospects without problems.

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