So, you are interested in exercises to get taller? Then I have good news for you. In this article, we are going to look at exercises that can lengthen your spine, consequently making you taller. The secret lies in between your spine’s bone discs, the so-called vertebraes. These discs are made up of connective tissues, which are bones that are not as solid as your other bones. They are found to be most susceptible to exercises that lengthen and sometimes even stretch them. Hence, this is what we are going to focus on when we use exercises to lengthen your spine. See, increasing your height means achieving a height that is your personal best. If you concentrate on the right body parts on every step of the way, you can increase your height step by step. In respect to your spine, we essentially want to decompress the spaces between those bone discs that we have just talked about.

My guess is that you have stretched your body before, even if last time was during high school or elementary school. In other words, this should be a topic that you are already somewhat familiar with. You may have heard of stretching exercises that are supposed to make you taller. Here it is important that you understand that these stretching exercises are not going to lengthen your bones. Your bones are of solid mass and there’s no way you can stretch solid bone mass. However, as we have just discovered, you can decompress your spine and thus increase your height. This is where stretching is going to be useful. Stretching exercises that you can do are cobra stretches, cat stretches, basic leg stretches, the bridge, the table, bow downs, super stretches and twists. Please make sure you consult with a trainer before you attempt any of these stretches by yourselves.

If you have access to a gym, I’d also add some hanging exercises to your workout. Even if you just bought a bar that you can install in one of your door frames, you can do some of these hanging exercises, which can be as simple as just hanging on the bar. Do that for about ten seconds a few times to stretch your arms, your spine and your whole back. Do that for at least 30 minutes every week. That’s why I always suggest doing it for like 5 minutes every day. Feel free to add some weight for a better stretch, just please be very careful here.

If you can, you should also pick up swimming. The best swimming style for our purposes is the breast stroke. This is a very enjoyable exercise and is really good to decompress your spine. There are two reasons why swimming is so great: firstly, if you properly execute the breast strokes, you are stretching your arms and legs with every stroke; secondly, in the water you are counterbalancing gravity, and it is gravity that is responsible for compressing your spine in the first place.

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The above listed exercises to get taller are more than enough to get you started. Continue reading on How To Grow Taller Naturally to discover more. See you there!