Even with the physically challenging symptoms of multiple sclerosis, people with the disorder can enjoy healthy living with varied range of activities. To exercise with multiple sclerosis, you need not be an athlete or have a medal for your physical exercise or workout.

Physical therapy is normally recommended to patients with multiple sclerosis so that they can maintain optimum level of their health. Because patients have their own limitations, they ought to be given some specific set of exercises, which they can practice at home.

Water Activities
Multiple sclerosis patients benefit from water activities, which include swimming and water aerobics. These can be ideal forms of exercises for patients with heat sensitivity. Most people are very good in water that is no warmer than about 80 to 85 degrees. It is the buoyancy of water which makes water aerobics and swimming a safer as well as more comfortable exercise for patients with balance problem and weakness.

Aerobic Exercises
Aerobics does not necessarily mean you have jump around; aerobic exercises can be any activity that can raise the rate of pulse and respiration. Walking or running outside or on a treadmill is the best form of aerobics that one can do at home. Other than that, stationary biking, cycling outside, and rowing are also some of the aerobic exercises that help in maintaining good health and balance. You can even raise the heart rate by simply sitting down and performing windmills with the arms.
For patients with multiple sclerosis, only 15 minutes of aerobic exercise is beneficial, according to research. Do not overdo.

Yoga is one of the excellent forms of physical therapy that can help patients with multiple sclerosis. It is a noncompetitive form of exercise for patients with multiple sclerosis that combines breathing techniques with easy movements that can improve overall balance and flexibility. Yoga has become one of the most wonderful stress relieving exercises of all times. In fact, there are some forms of yoga that have been identified to gear towards the limitations and abilities of patients with this disorder.

Tai Chi
Tai Chi is a gentle form of martial art, usually involving slow-motion movements to maintain as well as improve overall balance, strength and flexibility. Just like yoga, Tai Chi is also an outstanding activity that reduces stress and depression.

Stretching and Toning
Stretching exercises are very important for maintaining an overall level of comfort as well as flexibility, especially if you have spasticity. Stretching can help in loosening up the tight muscles to maintain full range motion of the joints.

Weight Training
Weight training is often recommended to patients with multiple sclerosis. Usually, weight training involves training with exercise machines or free weights. This helps in toning the muscles and increases the endurance and flexibility of muscles. However, it is important to note that weight training or lifting weight cannot strengthen those muscles that have been weakened already as a result of poor nerve conduction. Once the nerves stimulating the muscles are already damaged by multiple sclerosis, those muscles will not become stronger with any form of exercise.
It is thus evident that patients suffering from multiple sclerosis can benefit a great deal by exercising and putting in the right efforts.

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