About That One Thing Lacking...
The Dream Maker finalizes his lesson:

“Love without DISCIPLINE is like a beautiful automobile locked in a garage. It is great to have, but unless you get it started, you’re going nowhere. Discipline is the element you must add to Wisdom, Faith and Love to make them a day-to-day reality. You could not have asked me for it because it is certainly the part of the job that you must accomplish for yourself.

It means patience, persistence and taking action.
Even sitting and meditating is a way of taking action. We are not discussing attainment, we are discussing a continual attunement. Never stop learning, sharing, observing and practicing your highest concept of a Spirit-driven life!
To make your world, and everyone else’s, a wonderful place to be, use the energy of desire, enthusiasm, disciplined right thinking, trusting, affirming, meditating and envisioning as your daily practice.”

“What if I can’t get past the noise buzzing in my head?” I asked. “What if the world keeps me too busy to center myself and be conscious, wise, loving and trusting?”

He answered: “You will accomplish your destiny. In the past you have been UNCONSCIOUSLY INCOMPETENT. Somewhere in life, before we met, you realized this and became CONSCIOUSLY INCOMPETENT. The game was on—right then! You began to contemplate and study. When you, the student, were ready, as you have always been told, the teacher would appear. That is why you are here with me. Now, with your understanding uplifted, you will realize CONSCIOUS COMPETENCE. This will take a great effort and will most likely force you to go through discomfort (your issues) so that you may come out the other side stronger with more faith and wisdom. Ultimately, if you continue being truly conscientious in your pursuit of spiritual wisdom, you will awaken one day to realize that you have become UNCONSCIOUSLY COMPETENT. You will be making many of your wise and healthy choices automatically. Still you must always continue moving forward. As we discussed, there is no stationary position. You either move forward or wither.

“I cannot teach you how to love. I cannot teach you how to have faith or how to trust the Power Within. I cannot make you wise. I can only offer you words from my experience and study, but the only way you will be wise is if you accept Spiritual Truth into your heart by seeking its meaning and using its energy to assist you in making spiritually healthy choices.

“I can offer you by example my faith, but you must take your own leap of faith, give up your fear-based thinking and replace it by absolutely surrendering to the One, Infinite and Eternal All. This means letting Spiritual Love guide you in every way. It does not mean simply hiding in a cave to meditate and pray; although that may be useful periodically.
Bring forth the love in your heart; the love that has brought you to this very moment;and let love be who you are, regardless of where you are and what life hands you!
“Love is more than an act or commodity. It is a way of being; a way of believing; a way of living.

Whenever we call on the Light that dwells within us, the fear-based shadows vanish instantly. Allow your light to shine and your loving nature to be your authentic self!”

I thanked him profusely for sharing his wisdom with me. I promised him I’d take time every morning to meditate and prepare myself to live fully the day at hand with gratitude. I vowed to read something inspirational before bed each night in order to feed my subconscious and let it digest its spiritual nourishment while I slept. This would be my discipline. He persuaded me to practice wisdom, faith, and love in my daily encounters in order to sharpen my spiritual skills and bring healing to my world. Then and there I committed myself to share my new information with whomever I found to be ready and willing to hear it.

“You have absorbed a great deal in a short time,” he noted. “I want to share a few thoughts with you before we part. Make them yours.

A few more thoughts:
· There is always an answer.
· The answer is always good.
· There is not only one right answer.
· Rightly understood, there are infinite
· There is Unity in all Life.
· Expectancy of good is spiritual power.
· Forgiveness and gratitude are the secrets of an
unfettered soul, youthful resilience and a rich,
full life.
· Your ability to make life work for you depends
upon your willingness to exchange limited
beliefs for unlimited possibilities.
· The Law of Attraction will bring everything
you need to your doorstep. Open the door!
· Transcend your sense information. The five
senses seldom report reality.
· Develop a spiritual sense.
· Meditate. Silently listen to the rhythm of life.
· Visualize world peace, and then be peaceful.
· Act and work toward being spiritually whole;
in this way you can create health and harmony as your day to day reality.
· Your expression of good blesses Mankind.
· Bestow peace and happiness upon all whom
you mentally and physically embrace.
· The most powerful healing formula is to let go
of your concerns and trust Life.
· Praise God, yourself, and others.
· Avoid gossip and complaint; they are the
wrong use of your powerful word.
· Your word attracts exactly as you speak it.
· When you say ‘you are’ be sure to follow it
with something good because you are
addressing the Divinity in that person.
· When you say ‘I am’ be sure to follow it with something good because you are addressing
the Divinity within you.
Be grateful. Be happy. Love life.

He smiled, turned, and walked away through the busy crowd. I watched as he disappeared from view. The glow on his face mirrored the Love within his being. It is my hope that the next time you see that glow on someone’s face, dear reader; it is when you look into your own mirror!

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Todd Puntolillo is a life-long metaphysician. As a speaker, he has delivered his message of love and healing on television and radio. As a writer, he has written columns for national, international and local publications. He has given seminars, classes, does public speaking engagements on radio and TV and also does personal coaching. Todd has spent sixty years in pursuit of an understanding of the metaphysical laws that underwrite our existence. His remarkably clear and profound approach to this massive undertaking renders his books a must for anyone who questions his place and purpose in this immense realm we call life.
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