A sidewalk violation is a notice issued by the department of transportation to a property owner stating that their sidewalk is defective. Though there is no fine for such violation the notice remains in the record until the sidewalks are repaired and restored. After receiving the said notice the property manager has a time limit of 75 days within which he is required to repair the cracked sidewalk. If the property owner does not take any step even after 75 days then the transportation department can hire a contractor to get the sidewalks repaired.

If this occurs then the finance department will forward the bill to the property owner. Want to avoid this situation? Call best concrete contractors NYC today. A recent development in the sidewalk violation rule has curbed the responsibility of property owners to restore sidewalks that are damaged by city trees. The violation notice in such cases is not issued and the city assumes the responsibility to restore and repair sidewalks. This change in the regulation has rectified the unfairness.

In case you receive a sidewalk violation notice, an inspector will come to inspect your sidewalk against which a complaint has been received. In the notice sidewalks, squares are identified which need replacement or repair. Within 75 days a private contractor needs to be hired and the development work must be started. The homeowner must make sure that the concrete contractor has the requisite permits for commencing the work. The property owner can also contact the city to get the sidewalk repaired in case he does so no re-inspection is necessary to eliminate the violation.
If the sidewalks are no more damaged and the notice was of a prior date then the owner must contact the highway inspection authority and request an immediate inspection. The inspector will then inspect the newly repaired sidewalks to dismiss them. The manager must ensure that there is currently no damage and no risk of any violation. You can even get the permit issued by yourself before hiring an expert. But if you do so you must also remember that you need a separate permit for curb repair mentioned in the violation notice.

It may get difficult to obtain the permit if your sidewalk is situated on a designated landmark. You can start with repair work as soon as you have obtained permission. Concrete contractors will designate a safe walkway for pedestrians and will handle the work skillfully without sacrificing quality workmanship for a Quick job. If the complications are caused by a tree root then you need to contact the department of park and recreation. They will be responsible for repairing the sidewalk for you if tree root is the main cause behind the damage.

In case you want to contest a sidewalk violation notice you can request a sidewalk violation search or a reinspection. Before repair, the site needs to be prepared well which includes the process of excavation and backfill. Rocks and creepers must be completely removed. The ground will then be leveled and graded so that it can support the load under harsh weather conditions.

If the ground is not properly prepared then it can cause the concrete structure to buckle thereby jeopardizing the entire structural integrity. Hire sidewalk violation and removal contractor to get a detailed stamped concrete work. After site preparation, the concrete is poured and while pouring care must be taken that the concrete is compacted and consolidated as not to form any air pockets. This is not an easy job and hence the person conducting it must possess the necessary knowledge and experience to handle all the phases of the project.

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