You can very well replace your current kitchen or bathroom wall tile with ceramic, but it’s always better to know the beneficial properties of ceramic before investing in them. They possess qualities like damp resistance, durability and are easy to clean. Therefore, they are one of the first choices in the category of tiles for experts. 

The prices of ceramic tiles range from affordable to moderate to expensive, and you need to consult a professional tiler service to get your quote. These tiles often prove to be a high pick in kitchens, bathrooms as well as living spaces and will increase the value of your property by numbers. Apart from the opaque tiles, you can also choose vitrified tiles, which are a great option that will add to the aesthetic beauty of your property.  

Why Ceramic? 

Ceramic tiles are made from ceramic, which is pretty obvious. Ceramic is a derivative of a natural mixture of materials like sand and clay. Both these materials turn into a sturdy conglomeration when it comes together, and that’s why ceramic tiles make for a great option when it comes to floor and wall remodeling. Seasoned floor and wall tilers in Chelsea provide many tiling options to choose from, but they say that ceramic is one of the most popular materials among customers. 

To make ceramic, the ingredients are exposed to high temperatures so that the binding water is vaporized and what remains after a chain of chemical reactions is the final product. That’s the primary reason why ceramic is so strong as a material because the internal bond of elements gives way to a Herculean structure. 

Types of Ceramic Tiles

As a buyer, you have three different variants of tiles to choose from to replace your previous kitchen and bathroom tiles. There is the earthenware ceramic, the stoneware tiles, and vitrified tiles.  

  • Earthenware tiles: These tiles are porous and opaque in quality, and are a wise enough choice for kitchen tiles. However, they can be easily scratched, which makes them a comparatively less sought after option. These tiles are generally made from clay and similar ingredients. 
  • Stoneware tiles: Stoneware tiles, as opposed to earthenware tiles, are porous and have a smooth enough surface. These tiles are also less prone to scratches and therefore, a better pick for your household bathrooms and kitchens. Stoneware tiles are made from the same ingredients but applying different techniques.
  • Vitrified tiles: These tiles, on the other hand, are translucent and will give your home a fresh, modern look. There are a number of colour variants to choose from, and take your pick that will go with the rest of your home decor and ambience. They are made from a combination of clay and silica, and the resulting product is a smart and elegant as well as a highly effective choice for your bathroom and kitchen tiles. Applying these tiles to your home will give a tinge of sophistication to your household interior. 

Due to advancements in the tile manufacturing industry, there are a lot more factors these days that contribute to the varied range of ceramic tiles. These factors include texturing, digital printing and high-definition reproduction. Tilers of Chelsea provide you with all the options, and you may make the best of your investment by planning according to your preference and taste.

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