Amazon is one of the best online retail shopping centers and offers a couple of Eco-friendly Shopping benefits to their consumers. As with most Eco-friendly Companies that are based online; shopping using the internet is inherently more green than at a traditional retail store.

Examples of things that are affected are fuel emissions, electricity consumption, chemical use and more. Additionally, Amazon is one of those Green Employers that offer a product of their own, and that is newly designed going green shipping boxes that seem to be easy to open and recycle.
Throughout this guide, we are going to briefly talk about five random companies and how they are providing their consumers with actual results in their claim of being an environmentally conscious company. For everything green about a particular company, we suggest that you do additional research to ensure that a going green benefit wasn't missed.This guide is the first of many to come, and each will break down a variety of companies and how they are working to change the world, one product at a time!
This post will show you five great ways to make sure you always get the best Amazon discounts going. Shopping online is great, especially if you know some of the tricks of the trade to make sure you are always getting the best value possible. There are a few simple tips that you can follow when purchasing on Amazon to ensure you do make the biggest savings, here they are below in all their glory.

Subscribe to the Amazon Newsletter

This has to one of the important tips for Amazon Deals Guide. Amazon sends out regular communications to all of their customers entering the hottest discounts they have over most of their categories. By contributing to these newsletters, you are sure to see any great deals that could match with what you need to buy.

Use an Amazon Promotion Code

It's often the case that the final price a customer pays for a product online is not the best price out there on the net. By only checking with discount code sites you can look to see if any current Amazon discount codes would make you an additional saving in a flash. The reductions you receive from entering a code could be as much as 10% off the price of an item, or even a free delivery code. This tip takes seconds and can save you plenty, so make sure you give it a go.

Click a Similar Product in Amazon

The third tip is straightforward and takes all of a few seconds, but will Amazon Deals Guide you on your way to the entirely discounted product. The website has the technology to track where you click, which products and when. It then uses this information to show you other closely related, best-selling products. Naturally, the best selling products are mostly the best value, so straight away you are presented with a list of super value, excellent items in your purchasing category.

View Category Homepages

Again a straightforward, fast and efficient way to see the hottest, most reduced items is to view the category home page of the area of interest. For example, if I am looking to buy a PlayStation 3 then I would click on the computing or consoles category as the homepage will show be the best deals they have running then.

Compare Like for Like with Play

The fifth and final tip is to do a price check with Play. I use to play here as they are the biggest competitor to Amazon in the UK and come very close to a lot of their prices. It's always worth running a search on a play for the same product to check the pricing and see if additional savings could be made. One this to remember here is that Play offer free UK delivery on everything, whereas Amazon does not. So although the Play price may seem a little higher, make sure you take into account the Amazon delivery fees and then see which website works out cheapest. So that's it. Five straightforward but handy tips to make sure you are getting the biggest discounts possible from Amazon or in fact most popular online retailers. Enjoy and happy discount hunting!

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