We are citizens of the most popular country in the world- India. India is a holy place of diversity, culture, and values. And when it comes to diversity, we cannot forget to mention the tremendous diverse Indian culture and traditions.

India is well known in the entire globe for its variety of cultures and their various dressing sense in representing different cultures and different states. Indians are pro at fixing and fusing different types of dresses through the setting of attires, pagris, and fabrics.

Also, there is a special and unique place in the country for our respected north-eastern states, their traditions, and their dressing. The great seven sisters of the country together make India a great combination of beauty and nature. One of the most famous and beautiful dressing is of the beautiful state Sikkim.

So, let's know more about the traditional dress of Sikkim.


There are six different types of traditional dresses in Sikkim. Let's learn about each one of them individually :

1. Bakhu or Kho: Bakhu has its origin from the Nepalese dialect, whereas Kho has its head from the Bhutanese dialect. Baku is sleeveless and is like a loose cloak that is tied around the neck and then over the waist. It is either made of fabric made of silk or cotton.

2. Thokro-Dum: It is an outfit worn mainly by the community members of Lepcha. There is a Lepcha shirt known as Yenthatse, a Lepcha embroidered cap called Shambo, and a multicolored handmade or knitted piece of cloth known as Dumper. The pajamas are generally ankle-length and are white.

3. Dum-vum: It is like a traditional saree worn by the females and young girls and women of Sikkim. It has also got a different name for itself, and that is Dumvum or Dumyam. Also, it is paired with a blouse of a contrasting color to the saree, which is called Tago.

To add more detail, they wear a belt woven with hand or knitted with wool, commonly known as Taro. In winters, to save themselves from the cold, they wear a scarf whose name is Gorey. This is a kind of saree which is only found there.

4. Survival: It is an outfit only worn by those people of Sikkim who are Nepalese by their origin. It is comprised of a kurta-like long attire with matched pairs of ankle-length trousers for men.

They also have a pocket-like structure in their overcoats for carrying heavy equipment or weapons. Also, a different attire for women in the same culture consists of a dupatta-like attire added extra with the kurta and pajama.

5. Pharia: It is an outfit only worn by those females or girls or women of Sikkim who are Nepalese in their origin. It is the only dress of Sikkim which consists of loads of colors and multi embroidered fabrics. An extra wrap is provided to cover the upper body in this outfit.

6. Marriage Outfit: There stands out a different directional attire for the Sikkim couples. The Bakhu are made with the finest silk material for women. Both men and women wear leather boots as a symbol of grand and luxury. Also, red and white are the most prominent colors in these weddings and marriages of Sikkim.

They wear only complete simple gold jewelry comprising of only exquisite simplicity and quality. Under this category, three types of wedding jewelry are worn and made in Sikkim traditions - Lepchas, Bhutias, and Nepalese ornaments. All these are a part of Sikkim marriages.

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Sikkim is one of the best states of India and Its dresses attract tourists to this side. Here we are a detailed guide about dress of sikkim. Please have a look.