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Monday February 13, 2012


Our cultural backgrounds, familial status and upbringings may have been different, but each of us has our own fight. While many site some of these variables as fault for their current circumstances, they need know it is not what happened but what they are doing about it now that matters.

It is senseless to continue giving reason for why we are not at the place we had envisioned or believe we should be. Not one can erase one single moment in time. But fortunately as life would have it we are each equipped with the capacity to rise above whoever our foe or whatever our feat. You and I no matter what our past can set ourselves free to live beyond whatever we are facing if we are willing to see a whole new future. Not like something that will eventually happen, but progress that can be seen the moment we take a new stance.

Though our current beliefs may not support such an idea straight away, be mindful everyone has their fight and this is not our first. However significant our past battles we had to have at least survived to get to the place we are right now. You and I are proof that we are more than a match for whatever seeks to separate us from the light which beckons us strongly. Rich in strength of character and increasing in courage we must each take on his or her own fight one day at a time.

Author's Bio: 

More than 27 years ago, Victor Lee was a homeless drug addict. His personal struggles began growing up in difficult neighborhoods in a single parent household. Bullied and out of fear like many he surrendered to his surroundings. This choice led him down roads he never intended to travel and almost cost his future.
As a Recovery Life Coach, National Speaker and the Author he has transformed his past. He uses his personal trials shamelessly as platforms to help others breakthrough and create a life they love free of the dependencies of destruction. He is practical, persuasive and powerful in his approach to dismantling unwanted and unproductive ways of living. These life-learned tools are simple and easy to apply, yet possess the power to move one from living the ordinary to living extraordinarily.