1. DevOps

This is one region where I am seeing a ton of footing a year ago as increasingly more organization are moving into DevOps and embracing ceaseless combination and arrangement.

DevOps is tremendous and you have to get familiar with a lot of apparatuses and standards and that is the thing that overpowers numerous engineers however you don't have to stress. I have shared a DevOps RoadMap which you can pursue to learn and ace DevOps at your speed.

This implies on the off chance that you are an accomplished Java developer with energy for dealing with the earth, mechanization and improving generally speaking structure, you can turn into a DevOps Engineer.

2. Git

Git and Github have been around some time and keeping in mind that I have utilized Git in the past with Eclipse, yet I am yet to progress toward becoming an expert of Git on the direction line.

Why I haven't aced Git up until now? Essentially because I didn't require it yet. I have incidentally downloaded undertakings from Github and keep running from Eclipse yet I am as yet not all that good with Git directions, especially returning changes and taking care of blunders.

3. Java 9, 10, 11 or possibly 12

The JDK 9 gets a great deal of treats terms of modules, Jigsaw, Reactive Streams, Process API, HTTP2 customer, Java Training in Marathahalli Bangalore JShell, and API upgrades like accumulation plant strategies and I am truly anticipating learning them at the soonest opportunity.

4. Spring Framework 5

I have been catching wind of some new highlights like receptive programming model on Spring 5, selection of ongoing Java includes, some unit testing improvement and so forth yet I presently can't seem to attempt that.

Anyway, I have just begun picking up Spring 5.0 by following Spring 5. 0: Beginner to Guru and will prop the force up in 2019. On the off chance that you use Spring, most likely it's the best time to master Spring 5.0.

5. Unit testing

Another zone which I need to improve in the coming year. There is a great deal of new structure and instruments accessible for Java software engineers to unit test and coordination test their application, for example, Mockito and PowerMock for taunting articles, Robot Framework, and Cucumber for computerized incorporation test and the new and sparkling JUnit 5 library.

There is a lot of stuff to learn on this front. On the off chance that you can contribute some time updating your unit testing ability, your coding expertise will improve as well as you will end up being a progressively proficient engineer, which each organization looks structure. To begin with, you can look at JUnit and Mockito Crash Course from Udemy.

6. Relaxing Web Service

One more thing I need to continue improving in 2019 is my insight about composition REST API and actualizing secure and adaptable RESTful Web Service in Java utilizing Spring.

This is one ability which is exceptionally attractive in the Java world and there are very few individuals who know both Java and REST well.

If you are additionally in almost the same situation and need to figure out how to create RESTful Web Service utilizing Spring, The REST of Spring MasterClass from Eugen Paraschiv is a decent beginning stage.

7. Spring Security 5.0

This is the third significant redesign on Spring Eco-System. The fifth rendition of mainstream security system has a few bug fixes and a noteworthy OAuth 2 module, which you can't miss.

8. Spring Boot 2

The Spring Boot system additionally has another discharge Spring Boot 2. If I get at some point after every one of these objectives this year, at that point I will invest some energy getting the hang of Spring Boot 2.

9. Angular 2+ or React JS

These two JavaScript structure has changed how you create web applications.

As a Java designer, I have utilized Servlet, JSP, and jQuery at the customer side however haven't yet attempted my hand with Angular or React.

10. Android

On the off chance that you don't have the foggiest idea how to compose Android Apps in 2019, at that point you are deficient with regards to something. Versatile is perhaps the best stage to arrive at an enormous number of individuals and Android is likely the most well-known stage to compose portable applications.
11. Apache Spark and Kafka

I don't know whether I will get time to look other Big information advances however its genuinely great stuff and alongside DevOps and Machine Learning, Big Data is likely the most sizzling innovation as of now.

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