As I was sitting in my room having some quiet time this weekend this came to me.

I am listening to construction that is happening right next door and down the block. As I sat thinking about the process of building the house spirit moved in and began speaking to me. Having been married to a contractor for a number of years it began to make total sense to me.

The building process begins with the preparing of the land, the purchase of the plans and blue prints, materials etc. From there the process of creating this home or new building begins. The building starts and foundations are formed. Then the building continues.

We can sit and look at this building and think man when is it going to start to look like a home, or when is it going to start to look like the blue prints. We get mini glimpses as we look at the framing etc. but it is just not a reality quit yet.

The process continues the builders continue and before you know it you are driving up and notice who it is starting to look like a home. Then the windows are in, doors, the roof is on and we are sealed in. From the outside we have created the vision of the completion of the process.

When we go inside it may not look perfect it may not look like our dream but we keep plugging away we keep working and seeing the small victory of creating the home of our dreams.

Some buildings take longer to build but when we stand stead fast and we work and do our part the house eventually shows shape and form. This is how our life path and our life purpose can appear.

We may sit and think I have been doing this and I have been doing that but am not seeing the results as I think I should be seeing them. Or you may be standing at the door looking in and say wow on the outside everything is starting to take shape. I need to keep plugging away the inside the inner work will soon produce the beauty of our purpose.

You are never too small or too big. Each piece that is added and the strength of the project is determined. It can be done. We may be faced with external environmental challenges, or we may be challenged with personal limitations. It is happening it is there stand your ground. Know that even if it does not look like ‘you” are making a difference know that you are. Know that what you have to contribute is valuable. You are needed to make the differences.

I heard a story on the television as my granddaughter was watching the children’s channel. A young man comes on and is telling how he was lead to make a difference when he was 4 years old for a country that had been stricken by an earth quake he did that by selling oranges to his friends and neighbors and donating the money to the cause. He then did it again for another disaster area in his story he talks about how he had done this over and over helping even as a young man at age 4 he was able to make a difference. Then as he became a teen he issued a challenge to other children and they were able to make a huge difference because they all united together, and we able to raise a staggering amount of money to help in disasters such as the Chili quake, the tsunami….

Friends as I have read this and I have focused on how important each and everyone of us are it has shown me that even if you or I were to feel like we were insignificant, or too small, too poor, to this or too that we are creating limitations that stop the process and our life purposes are often missed.

Yes you can make a difference and yes you can bring healing to the people, the land, to earth mother… You are important. Maybe you can’t leave your home, but you could send a word of encouragement, or donate you help or … Hear the message that is being shared with your heart see that you can and do make a difference and that you are important to this big picture called LIFE.

Author's Bio: 

April Lugo, PhD: Intuitive Mentorship Coach. April is an international author, lecture, teacher and speaker. Her life mission has been on of empowering individuals to their highest potentials. April holds a PhD in Holistic Healing, Metaphysical Arts, Intuitive Life Coaching and Parapsychology. She also has a master in Psychology