'We are importing Islamic extremism, Arab anti-Semitism, national and ethnic conflicts of other peoples'

“We cannot and will never be able to stop migration”, wrote the EU’s Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, Dimitris Avramopoulos recently. “At the end of the day, we all need to be ready to accept migration, mobility and diversity as the new norm and tailor our policies accordingly”.

Given that such people would have us believe that migration has become such a categorical and seemingly incontestable policy of the EU —it is crucial to analyze what kind of “diversity” the EU is inviting to make its home on the European continent. ( Avramopoulos) http://www.wnd.com/2018/02/europe-making-islam-great-again/?cat_orig=faith

When asked about the end of the world, the central figure of history who divided BC from AD encouraged his followers to read and understand the book of Daniel. (Matthew 24) Daniel 8 describes a conflict between a ram (symbol of Islam, celebrated in their yearly Al-Adha) and a goat.

The interpretation is the horns on the ram are the kings of Media and Persia, but Gabriel said the vision is “at the time of the end” (verse 17) and those areas are now Iraq and Iran... “time of the end”?

Daniel was in the palace at Shushan, but “I saw in a vision and I was by the river Ulai,” Daniel 8:2. The modern name is the Karun River by Kuwait where U.S. troops deployed against Iraq in 2003

The ram was pushing west (verse 4)--Europe and US are implied. At a time when leaders worry over N Korea and don't know what tomorrow will bring, here's a prophecy spanning 2500 years that the media shrugs off?

Must we wait for it to finish before we give God the credit for pre-knowledge and a wise intervention? A goat with a great horn flies from the west and stomps the ram, breaking both horns—the kings of Media (Iraq) and Persia (Iran). Animals fight with horns, but horns were also used for trumpets in Bible times. Trump[et] maybe?

Islam may wonder why God would allow “the Great Satan to conquer militant Islam when we have brought alcohol, tobacco, drugs, Hollywood, crime, sex, violence on TV, abortion, homosexuality, all things that the Bible condemns, but Daniel’s prophecy is not about who God favors to win, but who He sees will win. America will have its own time of judgment soon as well. After a military victory, the US’ “horn” gets broken, verse 8.

The moral to this story is that Islam should not become militant to kill infidels, but should learn to get along in the area that God gave them in the Middle East. If they cannot get along there, it's a sign of that their belief system is flawed. Maybe they should look more closely at the Bible and the prophets from which Muhammad took some support.

In the meantime, leaders would be wise to recognize the bounds that the Bible puts on different people to fulfill their rightful place. Anything else invites chaos and ruin.

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