Each psychic appears to be different and works with their own set of ethics. How do you find the ethics of a particular psychic? Research them by the Internet, blogs and their websites.

Just like there are differences in psychic gifts, there are differences in how psychics operate. Some work out of their homes where they have clients come in, some are online psychics, some are in flea markets, or work by appointment only.

Psychics are people too, and with that said they operate with their own set of ethics. I have met some that operate by a strict code of ethics and some that it appears that anything goes.

There are varying opinion across the board as to what is considered ethical. They are just that opinions. Like most businesses, there is no certain standard a psychic has to operate by.

There are several things that I don’t agree with. I don’t agree with charging for spells or spell work. I don’t believe in charging for house clearings or house blessings. And I certainly don’t agree with charging a family in a missing person’s case. There again, these are nothing more than my opinions and some of the ethics that I work by.

What if you cannot determine the ethics of a psychic? Then ask. Just like anything else, if your paying for it, ask questions. The same that you as a client has a right to end a reading at anytime.

Like everyone else, psychics come with varying religious backgrounds and beliefs. They can range from Christianity, to Wiccans. If spirituality is a large factor in choosing your psychic, there again, just ask. Most are willing to discuss their spirituality no matter what their beliefs.

Bottom line there is no code of ethics that psychics operate by. Even as a full time psychic I find this a bit disturbing in hearing some of the horror stories from my clients. It is very true in saying that most psychics operate differently.

I work full time as a professional online psychic. There is no written code of ethics published on my site. However, if you take the time to read over my blog and my bio, I am sure you have a general idea of how I operate.

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Jackie works full time as an online psychic, paranormal investigator and author of Distant Learning: Reiki Master's Course, Handbook and Certification. You may visit her website at www.ms-swami.com
If it is a psychic reading that you are seeking, please feel free to contact me at www.ms-swami.com. I also offer a free psychic reading follow up by email to each paying client.