Aging is a harsh and inescapable reality. However, with modern advancements in medicine, it is possible to contain the condition and maintain your youthful look. Dr. Lionel Bissoon of Liondale Medical offers high-quality regenerative and integrative healthcare services to help combat physical indications of aging to help you realize your aesthetic goals.

About Dr. Lionel Bissoon

Dr. Bissoon secured his medical degree from Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Iowa. He has more than twenty years of medical experience with a specialty in preventive and anti-aging medicine using alternative treatments that do not involve the use of drugs. He proceeded to study mesotherapy with renowned service providers in Paris, France. Dr. Lionel is a pioneer in matters of mesotherapy in the United States, as many certified mesotherapists adopt his methods.

Dr. Bissoon authored The Cellulite Cure and has been a featured guest in many television shows such as Rachael Ray Show, Fox News, ENews, and Good Morning America. At Liondale Medical, patients receive treatments such as medical ozone therapy, IV nutrients, regenerative medicine, and bioidentical hormone replacement. His team offers all-round comprehensive care with nutritional counseling, weight-loss management, and exercise recommendations.

You can also achieve your aesthetic goals by visiting Dr. Bissoon and the team. They provide an array of cosmetic services to their clientele, including Botox® and dermal fillers, Ultherapy to tighten your skin, and Clear + Brilliant® laser skin resurfacing. Dr. Lionel believes that patients can judge the quality of care by the number of chairs available in the waiting room. That is why at Liondale Medical, you will find only three chairs as they dedicate their attention to one patient at a time for effective service delivery.

Available Services

Dr. Bissoon and team offer a variety of world-class services such as;
· Menopause Specialist - women experience different emotional and physical changes when it comes to menopause. Dr. Lionel provides a comprehensive menopause program to make your menopause experience more manageable.

· Regenerative Medicine Specialist - regenerative treatments work to reduce inflammation, boost the healing process, and remedy pain. Also, these therapies are used in cosmetic procedures for skin rejuvenation and can treat hair loss.

· Anti-aging Specialist - you can beat the test of time and uphold your youth by visiting Liondale Medical. Dr. Bissoon is experienced in providing anti-aging medicine such as bioidentical hormone replacement, weight loss programs, and IV therapy.

· Mesotherapy and Cosmetic Specialist - are you considering tightening loose skin, removing wrinkles, or eliminating cellulite with mesotherapy? You should visit Liondale Medical for the best service you can get.

· Hair Loss Specialist - typically, hair loss has been viewed as a problem that affects only men. Nothing could be further from the truth. This condition affects both genders. Dr. Lionel provides therapies that target the origin of your loss of hair and avail alternatives to surgical hair restoration.

· Men’s Health Specialist - low testosterone levels are a common problem among males. This condition is characterized by symptoms such as low libido, difficulty concentrating, and loss of muscle mass. Your doctor at Liondale Medical specializes in creating customized treatments to boost your sex drive, restore your energy, and balance your hormones.

Everybody yearns to stay young. If you are considering anti-aging therapies, you deserve a qualified professional for the best experience. Contact Liondale Medical today for a healthier and more youthful you.

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Amna khan