All these formulations in the form of creams and lotions follow a similar system of function. The fact that natural mole removal methods are cheaper is what makes people choose them instead of surgeries.

The price of these mole removal creams range from 20 to 80 dollars. These creams can make very easy and short work of ten moles. Moles are removed primarily because people want to look more attractive. But if the mole removal method leaves scar, then there is no use in performing it. Therefore, you must choose a treatment method that will not leave any scarring. Your answer, therefore, is natural mole removal.

There are no incisions made, unlike in excision operations. Scab is not pulled off forcefully or prematurely. The most effective creams can make moles start fading in just 2 days. Only 2 to 3 days and you will definitely see the scab forming. If left to its own devices, the scab will fall off after about a week. For some scabs, it may take longer, about ten days. If moles are too large and are raised like a bump, the time period taken for removal will be more.

After the scab has fallen off, you will find red tissue has developed. This also disappears in another one month. Your dream of a blemish- and scar-free clear skin is now a reality. There is a huge possibility that you will be feeling some stinging when you apply these creams on the moles. It won't actually hurt or grow into a burning sensation. You'll find it tolerable.

In the event that no stinging at all is felt by you, it might be that the cream was not applied on the moles properly. Both local and general anesthetics will not be of any use when you go for natural methods to get rid of your moles. However, you can use needles for some gentle scratching.

It would also work wonderfully if you use a needle to gently pierce the mole area or gently rub it. These treatments are very much applicable, even from home. The mole and the skin around it should have been sterilized thoroughly prior to application of the cream.

You may also choose to rub the moles with a small pumice stone. Keep the rubbing at a gentle pace. You might end up having rashes, if you don't keep the rubbing gentle. In the very same way, needles are also used. Too much piercing might lead to skin infections at a later stage. The scab should be left alone until it drops off on its own.

Other natural remedies aside from creams also make use of fruits like pineapple and apple, as well as natural oil like flaxseed oil. There are also many Ayurvedic remedies that can be tried. You would also be right if you think that there are still risks involved with natural mole removal methods. Just like any other mole removal method, this process also involves both benefits and risks.

One of the most common disadvantages is the skin infection that occurs after the mole has been removed. But that can be circumvented by practicing cleanliness during the process. Malignant moles cannot be treated with natural mole removal methods. Laser surgery is a better option for such moles.

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