Socially positive investment, also known as Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) is ethical and value-based investing. It is a type of investment process which has environmental and social factors which consist of both positive and negative aspects regards to the investment and security analyses. The managers of socially positive investments often utilize the environment and social analysis in concurrence with the conventional measurable security analysis for making their investment decisions. So, to help you to make your portfolio better, here we have listed all the essential investment process that would assist you in making smart green investments.

Best green investment options available

1. Green power investments
Green energy is one of the most important and the hottest topic in this world. It is one of the best ways to contribute towards a green planet. Green power is the energy which doesn't rely on the burning of fossil fuels for creating heat for generating electricity or for fuelling our cars. The green power investment options which are available now are wind, water and solar.

2. Investment in water stocks
If you have followed the news, you should have come across that recently, an Indian city, Chennai, recently ran out of groundwater. And not only Chennai, running out of groundwater is a major threat the humanity is facing due to the message of water as well as a growing population. As per a survey, it has been found that more than 10% of European countries depend on water resources from other countries such as Hungary, Netherlands, Romania, and Moldova to be named among the few.
Because of these threats, water resources have created a huge opportunity for the investor to invest in. There are plenty of companies who are supplying water to millions of people and companies who are helping in the purification of the water.

3. Wind power
Apart from hydropower, the strongest and reliable source of energy is through wind power, which is completely safe for nature as well as completely renewable. And because of these reasons, multiple farms are growing all over the world. The major countries who are investing in wind energy are Europe, Australia and the United States.
The wind business not only consists of sale and generation of wind power but to also manufacturing those wind turbines, which is one of the major reasons why people should start investing in wind power.

4. Solar energy
Solar energy is one of the most versatile sources of energy which can be utilized for powering range of items such as lights, radios as well as plenty of other items. The future of solar energy is shining brighter than ever, so this is the best time for you to invest in solar energy.

5. Investment in organic farming
Apart from the above-said points, organic farming also contributes to sustaining a greener environment.

Socially positive investment can be directly or indirectly beneficial for the environment, which depends on the field that you are investing in.

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