Recession? Recovery? Depression? Who knows what we're in. The one thing most people can agree on is . . . we need more jobs. And, we need to train more people for different kinds of jobs.

Apprenticeships were once popular for teaching people trade skills. I personally was a "manufacturing apprentice" - straight out of high school. This country has relied heavily on that type of "skilled trade job" to provide decent pay to American workers. But where do we turn for the "new jobs" given the number of manufacturing and technical jobs that have left the country?

What if we could take a growing industry - one with an entrepreneurial flair - and create a series of stepping stones that can greatly improve a person's chance for success? What if those stepping stones included an apprenticeship that helped people transition from an hourly wage mindset, to a commission-based mindset?

This concept would not have been easily implemented 20 years ago. It is mainly with the surge in popularity of the Internet that we now have the ability to attract people to us who have common interests, a common cause or a common need. The concept known as "attraction marketing" allows us to easily acquire prospects who are looking for the product or service we're looking to sell.

Yes, I said sell. What if the next "big thing" in the way of job development in this country is to teach more people how to sell - in a good way! There are many, many incredible products and services available in this country - and even in the world - that are available to an individual at wholesale prices which they can then sell at a retail price. Many of these products have the ability to help people improve their health, their finances and even their security. And, the commissions an individual can earn in selling some of these products can far outweigh any hourly rate of pay they might otherwise receive.

Skeptical? That's understandable. I have yet to see anyone seriously work a system to help more people become self-sustaining. Until now. The WeCare Partnerships Network is implementing this very system in the heart of North Carolina through the WeCare Careers program.

We're already seeing success with professional level people who have been stuck in the unemployment game for way too long. We've also taken a group of at-risk youth and helped them see how they can produce their own income.

Curious to learn how we're doing it? Stick around - there's so much more to share!

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Since June of 2001, Sheyenne has combined her past experiences in project management, recruiting and consulting with her passion for helping local economies grow through small business. Triangle Solutions Alliance, a leading-edge business model, is designed to assist individuals, entrepreneurs, non-profits and small businesses to expand their enterprise, increase their productivity and promote wellness of their organizations, employees and selves.for more information please visit in link