In a secular or a non-Buddhist context enlightenment is often used to mean full comprehension of a situation, or having gained spiritual insight. Enlightenment is also construed as being a state of freedom from suffering, desire and ignorance. The term enlightenment has been broadly and loosely used to indicate the opening of one’s eyes to a spiritual realm. Almost all religions and philosophies have some concept of a blissful state to which they believe we should aspire.

Samsara is the cycle of birth, death and rebirth (i.e. reincarnation) within Buddhism, Bön, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Vaishnavism and other related religions. Colloquially, "Samsara" can also refer to a general state of overt or subtle sufferings that occur in day-to-day life.

Within the Buddhist tradition several other words are closely related to the word enlightenment. Kensho and Satori are experiences at the start of the path to full enlightenment, roughly equivalent to the bottom of the Dynamism staircase.

Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term for "enlightenment." The word literally means "understanding." "Satori" translates as a flash of sudden awareness, or individual enlightenment, and while Satori is from the Zen Buddhist tradition, enlightenment can be simultaneously considered "the first step" or embarkation toward Nirvana.

Satori is typically juxtaposed with a related term known as Kensho, which translates as "seeing one's nature." Kensho experiences tend to be briefer glimpses, while Satori is considered to be a deeper spiritual experience. Kensho refers to the first perception of the True Nature or Basic Nature, and is sometimes referred to as "awakening." Distinct from Kensho, which is not a permanent realization but a clear glimpse of the true nature of existence, Satori is used to refer to a "deep" or lasting realization of the nature of existence.

The Buddha described Nirvana as the perfect peace of the state of mind that is free from craving, anger and other afflictive states. The subject is at peace with the world, has compassion for all and gives up obsessions and fixations. This peace is achieved when the existing conditioned thoughts of ignorance are pacified, and the conditions for the production of new ones are eradicated. In Nirvana the root causes of craving and aversion have been extinguished such that one is no longer subject to human suffering or further states of rebirths in Samsara. Scholar Herbert Guenther states that with Nirvana "the ideal personality, the true human being" becomes reality. The Buddha says of Nirvana that it is "the highest happiness". This happiness is an enduring, transcendental happiness integral to the calmness attained through enlightenment, rather than the happiness derived from impermanent things.

To the uneducated there is only one right way, one right God, and one right belief system. Everything that is not in line with their right way is wrong. Anything that makes one question one’s beliefs are considered especially wrong and dangerous, for they seduce one from the one true belief. It takes education to become aware that there are other possibilities, that things are not just black and white, right and wrong, good and evil. There are an unlimited number of possibilities in all directions. Unfortunately, education can be seen as evil because it can rock the belief system and therefore must be the work of the devil.

To an illiterate person, learning to read would be enlightening. Anyone who learns and understands a new concept is enlightened. Relieving the burden of mental and/or emotional distress, which can feel heavy like an actual weight, is enLIGHTening. Thus, there can be many types of enlightenment.

There are typically believed to be two types of enlightenment – intellectual and spiritual – forming two opposing camps: science and religion. I believe a blend of the two is essential if we are to become truly enlightened.

Enlightenment in the spiritual sphere is greater spiritual understanding, appreciation, passion and compassion, encompassing all areas of life. Enlightenment is relative to each individual in a different way. It would have to include the capacity to experience self, to accept self, and to understand self in relationship to other Beings, other life, the cosmos, and as part of infinity.

An enlightened Being would be someone very wise, kind, and able to see through the veils of hypocrisy and intellectual bias, and someone trustworthy with impeccable ethics. An enlightened Being would have reached at least the Personal Sovereignty level on the staircase to enlightenment, and probably the Spiritual Empowerment levels. S/he would also recognize the sovereignty of other Beings.

Sovereignty is experienced as a result of cleansing the spirit – clearing tainted Dynamis – bringing the individual closer to source. There is no need to do drugs or to go to seminar after seminar, seeking ascension experiences such as out-of-body experiences, to reach some temporary idealized state called bliss. The whole person is made up of body, mind, heart and soul, so there really is no separation anyway. Separating the soul from the other aspects of self can inhibit spiritual understanding of some areas of life.

My experience indicates that there is no one path that is THE road to enlightenment. However, in all of my searchings and experiences, I have found nothing better or quicker than Dynamis Clearing for reaching enlightenment. I have tried many various forms of self improvement and empowerment, yet there may be many other paths I do not know. If anyone finds something that works better, please tell me immediately.

Dynamis Clearing is a staircase towards enlightenment. Although many religions, philosophies and practices claim to heal the “root cause”, Dynamis Clearing is the only method I have found that actually handles psychic wounds and removes scars from the soul. It is the psychic wounds and the decisions and thoughts we have while in such anguish that get etched on the universe, causing the negative patterns in our lives to repeat and mirror back to us. This also taints our Dynamis and inhibits the development of our natural psychic abilities.

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Michael Manning is an author, speaker, strategic success mentor, Dynamis Clearing Practitioner, and the co-creator and co-leader of Highest Good Of All, Inc. Michael’s mission is to teach, inspire and empower people to create the life of their dreams, full of love, joy, peace and freedom. Michael’s clients consistently make quantum jumps in their results through Dynamis Clearing.