Thinking about the people in your life, who are the leeches and who are the supporters? Thinking right back to your early years who can you remember being the friends and family that have put you down, told you “you can't do it”, or “you are hopeless”? How did they make you feel? What did you do as a consequence of their negativity?

Think of the power these individuals have had over you and your life. Well, now is the time to take that power back, from them and from the energy bloodsuckers you are presently giving your power to. You know who I am talking about. These are the friends who are so good at the subtle or not so subtle put-down. The family members that after you spend time with them, leave you feeling exhausted and depressed - your enthusiasm has disappeared and your energy has reached rock bottom.

Ask yourself “who needs them?” and then take the steps necessary to remove them from your life, or at the very least, limit contact with them if they are family members. It is time to stop allowing them have such a negative power over you. Take your power back, release their control over you, and have the strength to walk away.

Now, think about the passionate champions in your life. The ones who encourage and support you, and tell you that “you can do it”, “you can be successful”, “you will make it”. How does their influence affect you? These are the energy givers. They provide the power to have the ‘get-up-and-go oomph’ that catapults you towards your goals.

These are the people that you need to spend more time with, and give your support to as well. With these supporters you can feed off each other to build momentum and energy.

If you haven't got enthusiastic supporters in your life, then make that your top priority to go and look for them. Remember that you can also be your own leech or champion. Make sure that you are treating yourself in an empowering way!

Written by Christine Sherborne - For more articles like this visit her web site

A Free Gift For You - Some of Life's greatest lessons I have learned
Wouldn't it be great if we knew everything when we start out in life? Lessons are often painfully learned and often costly. My hope is that you will read through the lessons that myself and many others have learned from, avoiding the same mistakes in your own life. If you take these seventy lessons on board they will help make your life run more smoothly, giving you a happy and successful life you deserve.

Author's Bio: 

Christine, is a successful businesswoman with more than twenty five years experience, having owned and run businesses both in New Zealand and the UK, and now in Australia.

She was awarded ‘Auckland Business Woman of the Year’, in 1996, for the remarkable and rapid growth, and success of her packaging company.

Christine originally trained in Art and Design, and later achieved a Diploma in Sales and Marketing. She has used her natural business talents and creative flair to develop innovative and successful business ventures as diverse as packaging, importing, computer sales and manufacturing.

Christine has travelled widely, sourcing product, suppliers, customers and manufacturers for her businesses, giving her a natural empathy, enabling her to negotiate and communicate with a diverse range of nationalities and peoples with confidence.

Being a naturally positive person, she has long been interested in self-help and motivation, and she is widely read in these subjects, using the knowledge gained to help to progress her various business interests.

In her personal life she has experienced major life traumas which have taught her many valuable lessons. Those experiences and how she coped with them, overcame them and restored joy and happiness into her own life, prompted her to write a series of inspirational self-help CDs to help others who may be going through similar traumas.