Your beliefs are the blueprint for your life. What you believe determines how you experience the world. Whatever you believe is true for you. If you believe that world is unfair to you and you will never succeed, that is exactly how your life will be. Likewise, if you believe that you are strong, worthy, empowered and able to conquer the world, your experiences will mirror these beliefs.

The wonderful news is that beliefs are nothing more than thoughts that have been repeated over time. You can change your beliefs, particularly if the beliefs are no longer serving you. Below are sample new belief codes and exercises for you to incorporate into your daily living!

NEW BELIEF CODE: "I am empowered and can accomplish anything."

This belief is a very important part of manifesting your desires. As someone who is empowered, you are able to make the best decisions for yourself. You have the power to take the world by storm, if you desire.

Sometimes, negative experiences can make us feel less empowered. When people hurt us, it can be especially challenging to trust future interactions. Depending on the nature of the past experiences, we may also find ourselves feeling fearful or unsafe.


Sit in a comfortable chair or lie in the bed unless you’re likely to fall asleep. Close your eyes and completely relax your entire body. Tighten every muscle in your body and hold it for three seconds before releasing. See yourself walking onto a stage in a crowded auditorium. As you walk to the middle of the stage, the audience stands and applauds. You feel as though they are filled with admiration as they view this amazing person who has accomplished and survived so much in this lifetime. You feel intense joy and pride. You thank yourself for all you have accomplished and you feel safe, empowered and worthy. Hold on to this image for as long as you would like. Bask in the emotion that you feel. Try to make this
experience feel as real as you possibly can. Remember, affirmations and visualizations are imbued by deep emotion.

NEW BELIEF CODE: "I am attractive."

All of us are beautiful, regardless of what society deems attractive. You may be asking yourself why this particular belief is an important part of manifesting what you want. Studies have shown that people who believe they are attractive tend to have a higher self-image and, as a result, are more likely to reach for the stars where their goals and dreams are concerned.

Often, our beliefs about our physical attributes will determine how we feel about ourselves overall. Sadly, many of us believe that our physical attributes are our only currency. It is important for you to believe that you have countless positive aspects. You are worthy of every wonderful experience life has to offer. You are attractive, inside and out.


Whenever you look in the mirror, smile at yourself as if you are greeting a friend or relative. Look into your own eyes and say, “I am beautiful.” Find the parts of your face and body that you love the most and spend time appreciating them in the mirror. Then, find those areas that make you feel ill at ease and bless them. If you think you have “fat thighs,” bless your thighs and say, “you are beautiful just as you are.”

NEW BELIEF CODE: "Money comes to me easily and effortlessly."

For many people, limiting beliefs about money are the most challenging to overcome. So what are some examples of limiting beliefs about finances?

"Having large amounts of money takes years and hard work." If you have this belief, then it will take you a lot of pain, suffering and time to make a substantial amount of money.

"I am undeserving of wealth and abundance." It is amazing how many people unknowingly hold this belief. When I've met with clients, I always start by asking, "Do you believe you are deserving of success?" I would say 85% say that they do. However, after digging deeper, many are shocked to discover that they do have subconscious beliefs about being unworthy of success.

"Having excess wealth is wrong because there are those who have nothing." Any guilt associated with having money will make it difficult for you to attract more of it. It is important to know that there is an unlimited supply of abundance for everyone. Having less will not make it easier for those who are struggling. As a matter of fact, your ability to help those who are struggling may even increase if your financial situation is closer to where you need or want it to be!


Burn some pine or money incense and a lavender candle. While feeling completely relaxed, write a list of any goals you have related to your finances. Then, visualize the perfect circumstances for your goals to come to fruition. Feel as though you have reached your goal and bask in the happiness of it.

Remember, you are worthy of having what you want. This wonderful world that we live in provides so many opportunities for success, both personal and monetary successes. Your ability to remember this fact will help you attract the abundance and prosperity you seek.

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