Sure is a lot happening high in the skies during this halfway mark of the year! I’m not just talking about Gabby Gifford’s husband touching down either, although, I do think a rocket hurtling back to earth could shortly symbolize what we might soon see in our stock market. But I’ll do the financial stuff in a second. For now, we have astro energies that are going to, in some way or another, have an altering effect on every single solitary person on this planet during these June days. Even if you shut the shade to keep the heat out, these energies will find a way to slip through and simmer. That includes potentially penetrating the chinks in your armor too. Inside the next thirty days time we will experience TWO New Moon eclipses (one for Team Jacob and the other for Edward) that sandwich a powerful total Full Moon eclipse occurring mid-month. Yeesh. But not yikes. Not yet anyway. Yikes comes first day of July. Alongside “oh shit.” June is more about self-expression and personal power than that. Speaking of swearing, I promise that clear communications get a big boost this month as well so say what you mean and mean what you say Daisy Mayzie or risk the elephant staying in the proverbial room. And it’s not Ganesh. Too bad too. Now, how about some other large keywords that rep June too? Words like ‘progress’ and ‘achievement’ as well as ‘ability,’ as in, building a secure and lasting foundation. They’re all here too. In June.

Take time to dream of a safe future. Send energy and hold the vision of global leaders inspiring efforts for a global infrastructure that will be put in place so support our own global human evolution and unfolding. Have FAITH that perseverance, persistence and progressive endurance can bring both resolution and resolve. In June. Have the audacity to HOPE for the future. In June. Be CHARITABLE. Karma. In June. There is danger of deception and dissent. But not if we don’t let there be. May the force (and the power and protection and ability to express peaceful ideas) be with US. In June.

Now to market, to market, to market we go. And we probably won’t be alone. At least not in the immediate. Neptune turns retrograde on June 2, the same day that mercurial Mercury returns to its home sign of Gemini. This could provide a sense of beauty as well as urges and impulses towards both artistic and romantic pursuits. But also could rep rumors, deception, denial and deceit. Oh what’s a girl to do? Especially an investing one? Well with Neptune reversing and Mercury and Jupiter both changing their minds and their sides, the breezes of change are starting to billow. But soon they will blow. Your mind. When this latest house of cards start to crumble. Markets might head higher now but how much is built on reality? For that matter BRAVO, how much is really built on reality? Give yourself a hand if you’re poised to take profit. A crest is coming. Don’t ride the wave. Even if it is summer. Hang ten but take twenty and put it in your piggy. July 22. Just sayin’ … in June.

Now, if you want to learn more about what this month’s horoscope holds for you as well as all the empowering, positive and proactive ways that you can use these energies to your total advantage then go to and read your monthly SHUISTROLOGY forecast. Sign up for the free newsletter while you’re at it and get the Super Stellar Day info as well. And don’t forget to follow me on Facebook for up to the minute astro analysis and insight each and every day! HAPPY JUNE bugs, HAPPY JUNE! Here, now, the Empowering Days:

JUNE 1 ……… New Moon Eclipse in jittery Gemmmmiiiinnnniii. This eclipse highlights communications and connections. Ideas will flow like honey and be equally as sweet. That said, expansion could come at a price during an eclipse phase and with Sun trine Saturn as well these early days might not be the best ones for decision making. Patience and persistence pay off down the line. For now, affirm that “”My good now overtakes me in a surprising way” and wait for those words to come true. In the beginning was the word. Affirming this during these days give you the last one.

JUNE 2 ……… Mercury squaring off against a cloudy and foggy Neptune. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with wishful thinking. However, in order to separate fantasy from fact you’ll have to remember one critical thing…if he/she/it looks or sounds too good to be true, it’s because he/she/it….IS! Forewarned and all that. Listen to your gut. Use sandalwood incense to tap your intuitive intellect. And, then, listen to your gut.

JUNE 3 ……… Mercury the Messenger joins the juice charging Gemini while Neptune turns retro for the foreseeable. Clean out, organize and keep your wallet and your bags free from clutter. Sprinkle a bit of powdered ginger inside each to attract prosperity.

JUNE 4 ……… This is a day that most of us have been referring to and writing about since the dawn of time. Or the beginning of the year. Oh, c’mon, you KNOW I exaggerate so why the big deal? Okay, now, speaking of BIG DEALS…Jupiter, the planet of expansion, expression, fortune, luck, jubilance and joy (whew!) moves into Taurus today and also takes up residence inside one of your specific houses too! Read your monthly SHUISTROLOGY to see where that happens for you. In the mean and for the rest of us with Mercury the Messenger also hooking up with electric Uranus you can expect innovative ideas and inspirations to fill your head and bring optimism as you take heart. This is a good day to do ANYTHING fortune or luck related. But do be sure to spend quiet time allowing all that inspiration to take hold. Clear and rounded quartz crystals hung in the CREATIVITY area of your house can exponentially help all those efforts along.

JUNE 8 ………. Jupiter hanging out and hooking up with Neptune making this ascloseasthistobecoming the Super Stellar Day of June! Ultimately I chose another stars of Jupiter in our hair day to wear that crown but today’s energies are pretty darn swell as well. Now, just in case you find you have to ‘p really badly today that could be the influence of both power and pampering, the two overriding themes. I’m going to merge them, well, because I can. This bath works directly with the power of the Universe with the specific intention of attuning you to same. You add holy or spring water to your tub and a bit of Florida water as well (you can find Florida water online or in some herbal shops or can search engine and make your own!)O To this you add a selection of the following herbs: motherwort, licorice, plantain, basil, pepper and mimosa. You can also add carnations and/or sandalwood if you like since the South American shamans who share this bath also believe that those last two plants are sacred to the gatekeeper of the power as well to the entire spiritual universe. Carnations and sandalwood are both believed to connect you to the spirit world at large while bringin you fortification and strength. Like I said, power and pampering. Oh la ahhhhhhhh.

JUNE 10 ……… Venus squares off against Neptune making love and money cloudy and foggy. No silver lining today. Sorry. But golden opportunity to fortify them for the future. Put an image of the Mystic Knot either in the ROMANCE or the WEALTH area of your bedroom and blow your breath on them four times to activate and trigger the intent. See, this is why it’s so good to be us. Go blow. Now.

JUNE 12 ……… Saturn FINALLY FREAKIN’ turns direct after being retrograde since late January! Venus is SEX-tiling electric Uranus too. Romantic adventures will prove pretty steamy….red sheets. Enough said. Oh, except this….Aquarius, your projects will finally get off the ground now that your ruling planet is moving ahead again. So will your plans. Promise. All the rest of you, go get those red sheets. Something sizzling about to happen between them.

JUNE 15 ……… Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius begs you to find balance between truth and trust. Balance the five elements by putting an image of the real deal of moving water in CAREER. Put wood (even pictures in wooden frames will work) in FAMILY/FRIENDS and fire in FAME. Red candles do nicely. Nine. Or one. Up to you. If you got ‘em though, light ‘em. Put some metal in CREATIVITY, you can even use coins, seven of them and, of course, earth goes front and CENTER in HEALTH. A healthy green plant or nice bouquet of flowers. Done. Balance. Truth. Trust. Onward.

JUNE 17 ……… Mercury the Messenger sextiles generous Jupiter thereby causing opportunity to knock. And knock and knock and knock. Open the door. And then make sure that there are two 2 – 3 inch in diameter round mirrors hung at eye level immediately inside the front door, one to the left and the other to the right. Now opportunity will not only knock, it will take up permanent residence. Yeah, yeah, you can thank me later. Just go hang those mirrors now. Know why? Because YOU are the fairest of them all. There, I said it. Mean it.

JUNE 18 ……… Chatty Mercury making waves and pissing off Uranus. Let Mercury do that talking today. As for us, well, the less said the better. And that’s all I’ll say.

JUNE 19 ……… No astro energies but a heartfelt and sincere HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the dads out there. We wish you joy, jubilance and homemade raspberry jam with your breakfast in bed. Or on the 8th hole. Wherever! XOE

JUNE 21 ……… Sun enters Cancer on this Summer Solstice day. Hmmm…with Mercury squaring off against Saturn you may have to watch getting too hot under the collar and whatever you do don’t sign anything. Okay? Got it? Cool off with some cool (and MAGICALLY delicious!) cucumber soup…recipe will be on the blog today at

JUNE 25 ……… SUPER STELLAR DAY. GOLDEN SUPER STELLAR DAY! SWEET AND GOLDEN SUPER STELLAR DAY! Want to make the entire rest of your summer as magical as this day is? Then you’ll have to get the newsletter since that’s the ONLY place you’ll ever find the Super Stellar info! What are you waiting for? and sign up now! You don’t want to miss out on any future fortune do you? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Come on, sign up, we’ve been waiting for you!

JUNE 26 ……… Uh oh. Sun squaring off against Uranus could cause either unexpected or sudden distractions or derail your best laid plans or both. Be flexible for the foreseeable…a couple of bumpy days ahead. You can either look at these energies as a roller coaster ride of adventure and learning or you can cry over spilt milk. Oh dry those tears and take the ride. And be flexible. Did I say that already? And carry some water and a crystal on you during this Year of the Metal Rabbit. If you’re going to have to hop at a moment’s notice you might as well be protected while you’re doing it.

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