Have you ever imagined your future without education? Yes you are right; to bring in the basic qualities of reading and writing, to get the ideal job and to teach any skills to the kids, learning becomes a vital activity. "As an empowerment right, education is the primary vehicle by which economically and socially marginalized adults and children can lift themselves out of poverty, and obtain the means to participate fully in their communities." An educated child is able to choose a career, have hope and possibly is able to reach their set goals and dreams.

Schools are the places where students interact with children of different regions and religions. They make friends and are able to know about varied cultures prevailing in the country, which otherwise becomes very difficult to teach kids. Schools education thus becomes important due to the following reasons:

It teaches you good manners and right behaviors.

It is instrumental in developing values and virtues.

It equips you with a talent to make your dream come true.

It paves the path that leads to disillusionment.

It enriches the society by defining the framework of education.

To fulfill the above mentioned requirements, it becomes necessary for the parents to select a right school for their child right from the beginning. To start with the play school learning, Nursery schools in North Delhi use English medium of instruction and are well equipped with all the amenities that attracts the interest of a child. Lobbies, splash pools, music room, ball pool, doll house, gymnasium, metro train, toys and libraries are the additional features of the nursery schools that not only help the kids to have fun but also enable them to learn a lot through these activities.

Similarly there are public schools in North Delhi who commit towards quality education of global dimensions that leads to man making and nation building. They imbibe in students the ethical and cultural values so that they are able to face the global challenges. This permits the students to develop their own abilities and talents. They discover team potentials that help in reaching invigorating and competitive atmosphere. These schools also organize excursions and educational trips from time to time in order to bring some change in the teaching patterns.

Such schools gift the country human beings, who are able to win the hearts and minds of others. The students thus put service before self; retain their humility and values even as they conquer the world. When it comes to International schools in North Delhi, their ambitious plans itself modifies the infrastructure.

These schools believe that a child’s mind is like a piece of marble which is shaped into a beautiful work of art. Irrespective of the caste, creed, or color, these schools take pains to teach the young ones to fly and groom them according to their potential. A small step of international school thus become giant step towards learning.

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