Increasingly there is keen awareness by both the
scientific and business community that poor
social skills and the lack of self-management
skills account for more derailed careers than the
lack of know-how. Developing your emotional
intelligence (EQ) will serve you well in the
workplace and in life.

You know you have emotional intelligence when ...

...You complain less; you simply observe and provide
direct and respectful feedback that supports continued
development and learning.

...You no longer compare others to yourself and dwell
on their shortcomings; you've trained yourself to
focus on the good to foster connection and inspire

...You listen for content and emotions and show empathy
in an attempt to understand the feelings of others and
their view of the world.

...You stay emotionally balanced and positive most of
the time; you've learned how to handle your triggers
and stress in a healthy manner for optimal performance.

...You have a strong sense of self and are willing to
appear more human through self-disclosure, knowing
that appropriate sharing can strengthen relationships.

...You have developed a "response plan;" you practice
it in advance and engage it when you're suddenly
confronted with unexpected loss or anger.

...You don't get defensive when someone criticizes you;
you get quiet and focus on listening fully. You're
willing to look for grains of truth.

...You know how to lift your mood by giving yourself a
positive distraction; i.e. reminding yourself of a
funny story or replacing your negativity by
planting positive thoughts in your mind.

...You don't let mistakes (yours or others) ruin your
day; you know that mistakes provide valuable
information for what not to do in the future.

...You've discovered that you can uncover more information
when you ask insightful questions instead of being
the one that is overly eager to share your opinions.

...You've cultivated the habit to sense when your energy
is waning and know how to replenish it right away
rather than delaying until you're completely on empty.

...You're in touch with your own passions and take on
projects that you love; the amount of time you spend
doing what you love feeds your authentic self.

What are you willing to do to upgrade your level of
perceptiveness - understanding yourself and others -
in order to successfully communicate and relate well with
a variety of personality types?

The best of success to you!

Barbara McRae, MCC
The Savvy Success Coach

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Barbara McRae, MCC, author and radio show host, is Founder and Director of Savvy Success LLC ( ) and its affiliate companies. She is also the Chief Knowledge Officer of, a purpose-filled coaching company. She specializes in coaching GEN Y, business owners and self-employed professionals to create a meaningful life. She regularly appears online, in print, and in the media.