Beelzebub, Old Nick, or just plain old Satan himself, the Devil comes in many forms and guises and he is lauded as a major influence for many bands, writers and artistic types. From Iron Maiden to AC/DC, Aleister Crowley to Anton LaVey, Salvador Dali to HP Lovecraft, the effects of ‘Occult Medicine’ (as paraphrased by the now defunct Yyrkoon) can be seen everywhere, whether you like it or not. And a lot of the Gothic imagery reflects this. Derelict churches, empty monasteries, deserted graveyards-all have an element of the spooktacular and sinister about them. Cradle of Filth have made a living out of concept albums about the dark side, and black metal as a genre would not exist if the Devil was not around to influence groups such as Obituary, Emperor and Burzum. Heic Noenum Pax.....

Gothic jewellery is ideal if you want to look stylish and snazzy and create a lasting impression wherever you venture. Whether you are a fan of the industrial movement (Rammstein anyone?) or prefer ensembles such as Sisters of Mercy or Type O Negative (rest in peace Pete Steele) there is something rather quirky and innovative about gothic jewellery as it adds so much charm and appeal to a lacy ensemble. If you love to wear sexy outfits such as corsets or PVC pants then gothic jewellery sets the whole shebang off nicely. And there is no one better equipped when it comes to gothic jewellery than

We have an extensive and wide ranging assortment of gorgeous gothic jewellery that is quite simply irresistible. Our range of gothic jewellery comes in a multitude of different designs and styles and each and every piece of gothic jewellery is created entirely from scratch so you know that you are getting gothic jewellery which bears the mark of true quality and class. From bracelets to rings, necklaces to cuffs, even the most discerning trendsetter will be enticed and enchanted by gothic jewellery. For the pagans amongst you, there is gothic jewellery emblazoned with pentagrams and pentacles that make you really stand out from the crowd and embrace your religious values perfectly.

The French metal behemoths that are Gojira once stated that Satan is a lawyer, and even people who hold down seemingly normal occupations can don a piece of gothic jewellery under their suit and tie, as has so many amazing products for you to peruse entirely at your leisure. The scream queen that is the mighty Tarrie B from My Ruin will adore our Gothic clothing as it will show off her best assets in a subtle yet sexy way without her having to revert to the Jodie Marsh-esque way of dressing that the Butcher Babies seem to have adopted, which makes them look cheap and tacky. It is all about class and panache with us, not about getting your whoppers out at the first given opportunity. We are far beyond metal!

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