Autoresponders are remarkable, versatile programs that do so much more than just automatically answer your email. Here are ten ideas that will help you to creatively and productively use your autoresponder to transform the casual visitor into a profitable customer.

1. Publish a newsletter for subscribers: Keep your readers informed about your services and products while building your reputation as a credible expert in your particular business.

2. Publish a special sales promotion newsletter for your joint venture partners and affiliates. Inform them of current sales you are running and of promotional material that your affiliates can use themselves to increase their commissions. Include tips, advice, and techniques that your affiliates can use to successfully go out and promote your business.

3. Write reviews. Cover books, music, e-books, movies, etc., and put each review in an autoresponder. Review your affiliate programs, using a link to your affiliate's page in your autoresponder.

4. Distribute your articles. Writing and distributing targeted articles is a powerful tool to build your business credibility, bring traffic to your site and increase your sales potential.

5. Go viral! Encourage subscribers to reprint or publish your articles on their own websites and blogs. Tip: Be sure to stipulate that there should be no changes to the article and all credit and links to your site must remain intact.

6. Automate your sales process. For example, if you want to promote a particular product,include a brief description on your autoresponder messages along with testimonials about the benefits of having the product.

7. Create and distribute email courses. Each day, have your autoresponder send out another lesson. Just be sure that each lesson has quality content - not a sales pitch. You can include tips centered on a different topic for each lesson, illustrating how your product will benefit the reader.

8. Automate a reminder message about your service or product after a visitor has completed your course. This will increase the possibility of sales from visitors who have taken your course but have yet to make a purchase. You can also use these reminders to promote new products or services, and the products and services of your affiliate programs.

9. Offer a trial version of your product. Give your prospects a sample of your eBook, course, software, membership, etc. You can also capture email addresses with the offer of a free trial from your website. Set up your autoresponder to provide instructions on how to obtain their free trial, and then make sure to follow-up to try and close the sale.

10. Use an autoresponder on your order page. Post a request form for visitors to be notified of special offers or discounts in the future. This creates a very effective mailing list that contains the names of people who are already your customers.

Now that you have proof that autoresponders can be used creatively, see if you can come up with some brilliant ideas of your own!

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Author's Bio: 

Marquita lives in Maui, Hawaii and her professional background includes a successful 20 year sales and marketing career as a "road warrior" traveling the world promoting the Hawaii, followed by seven years as award winning coach working with new entrepreneurs building a home based businesses. Currently she is indulging her passion for writing by growing a lifestyle blog and writing a book, while continuing to provide training and support to new entrepreneurs.