Tailbone pain or coccyx pain is a rare condition Coccyx is located at the bottom end of the spinal column. Pain is worse during sitting position or during any activity when the coccyx is being used. Statistically, more women are affected than men caused by trauma when giving birth. It also may be caused by sudden fall of the buttocks causing injury to the coccyx. Various chiropractic treatments are provided in eliminating tailbone pain.

Chiropractic care does not utilize any form of medication made commercially or surgery in eliminating tailbone pain. It uses conventional a method of treatment such as spinal manipulation, application of heat and cold, exercise, and massage therapy. This is the reason that many people are seeking the service of chiropractors. Several pharmaceutical medicines produce adverse effects and side effects that are considered hazardous to health. In addition, some medicines are prohibited to use for a long period.

Prior to providing chiropractic treatment, chiropractors must confirm a diagnosis first. Diagnosis is obtained through several laboratory tests, physical examination and assessment, and medical history of the patient, mostly the common cause of coccyx pain. Diagnosis is very important because it is where a chiropractic program is created in eliminating tailbone pain.

The muscles supporting the coccyx become stiff and tense that it tends to pull the coccyx away from its normal position. When this happens, the coccyx is misaligned causing compression of the nerves resulting to pain. When a particular nerve is compressed, it causes irritation that result to discomfort and ache. Therefore, in able to relieve pain, the nerve supplying the coccyx must be released from compression.

Spinal manipulation is the most common form of chiropractic treatment that is used in eliminating tailbone pain. only skilled and well-trained chiropractors are allowed to perform this type of procedure. This is to provide safety and prevent further complication of the deformed spinal column. This procedure is done by applying mild, soft, and gentle thrusts on the spinal area, in this case, the coccyx. This is done in successive meeting with a chiropractor until realignment is achieved.

Another chiropractic treatment that is commonly used in treating coccyx pain is massage therapy. Massage therapy is provided by chiropractors to the muscles supporting the coccyx. This is to enable the muscles to relax as well as to untangle any twisted or knotted muscle fiber. It also increases blood flow to the affected are to make healing of the injured coccyx more rapid than normal.

Exercise is also included in the chiropractic program for patients experiencing coccyx pain. Exercise strengthens the muscles supporting the spine as well as the vertebrae. Stretching is a part of an exercise program that prevents tearing and straining the muscles, ligaments and tendons. Additionally, chiropractors use hot and cold compress. Hot compress is applied on the sacral area to increase blood flow thereby enhancing healing process. On the other hand, cold compress prevents swelling and inflammation of the coccyx.

Chiropractic care has been used effectively in eliminating tailbone pain. It has been proven in many studies conducted by various researchers in establishing the safety and efficiency of chiropractic care.

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