Romantic symbols that are reenacted in porcelain are probably the most elegant centerpieces. Also, these are the most exorbitant. It is thought that the most elegant centerpiece idea is as follows - Figures of the nymphs of Aphrodite and Apollo made in alabaster porcelain that are arranged with green ivy - Along with these there are cupids performing their duty of messengers of love.

Porcelain Elegant Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

      Place a delicate porcelain Greek nymph or bridesmaid. Encircle it by three red candles or three white candles
      A porcelain figurine of a bridesmaid who is clasping a bouquet is the idea. There could be either red or white candles surrounding this figurine. However, they should not be of mixed colors
      The above mentioned porcelain figurines must be polished
      These porcelain centerpieces could be combined with flowers, particularly white flowers
      The candles that are to be chosen should be tall and must be placed in crystal candle holders

    Instances of Elegant Wedding Centerpiece Ideas


        Procure some tall clear cases that have a height just less than the bouquets
        Just before the wedding party arrives, place these bouquets in the vases. In this way, they would remain fresh throughout the program
        If you don't want to risk real flowers, as they might droop during the latter part of the program, opt for some fake flowers
        In order to get these flowers, one can approach a superstore or Sams/Costco

      Group of Candles

          Arrange some glass bowls (fish bowls would also do)
          Place some decorative stones or rocks in these and pour water
          Insert ten to twelve candles in each bowl
          Some of the places where you can find these bowls are as follows
          Discount stores
          Wal-mart store
          Home decor store

        Mirrors and Smoke

            Purchase some mirrored tiles or mirrored placemats and place these on the tables
            Arrange an odd number of candles (usually, three or five) on the top of the mirror
            It is a good idea to have pillar candles of varying heights
            The color of the candle should be neutral or that which complements the wedding colors
            Keep in mind that the scent of the candles should not distract the guests from the dinner. Hence, the candles must be moderately scented
            Scatter some rose petals around the mirror for some festivity

          Other examples

              Specially painted ceramics
              Hand-blown crystal figures or vases
              Majestic country scenes created by artists
              Scenes created from twisted wire to resemble trees. The limbs must be decorated with Austrian crystals
              A blend of floral design and artistic creations

            Tips regarding Elegant Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

              If you insist on flower centerpieces, then it is suggested to have white calla lilies or orchids
              It is advisable that along with an elegant centerpiece, there should be an unopened bottle of champagne or sparkling water
              Some foodstuffs like white candy coated almonds can be placed along with the centerpiece. This can be latter used as a wedding favor

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